Entries 50 - 26

ENTRY # 50
DATE:  12/16/05 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  Bill Gates...

     On The Gem, a Blog by Stephen Spignesi, there's an entry entitled "Bill Gates's Eleven Rules of Life." The eleven rules are cool and they are all true. However, the very first line of this particular entry (right before the eleven rules) says, "Pretty smart, that boy."
     When I read that line I kind'a chuckled to myself 'cause I happen to not agree with that...
     This is the same man who designed software that forces you to click on START to "shut down."
     So... [*ahem*] ...what does that tell you?  ;-)

ENTRY # 49
DATE:  12/15/05 (Thursday) 9:30pm
SUBJECT:  Proverbial Coolness!

     "The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." - Arabian Proverb.

     Since I'm a horse lovin' kind of gal I thought this Proverb was way cool!

ENTRY # 48
DATE:  12/15/05 (Thursday) 8:00pm
SUBJECT:  Dove's Gettin' Jiggy Wit It!!!

     Confession: I adore Will Smith. I love his movies, I love his music, I love his dance moves, his lyrics are fabulous and he's not too shabby either! In fact, he's an absolute "hottie!" OMG, my step-father would pass a brick if I ever brought home a "black guy"... and that's a real shame 'cause - let me tell you - there's some fine lookin' brothers out there: Will Smith being at the top of that list! Woooohooooooo!!! I'd love to "get nasty" out on the dance floor with him, that's for sure! Mmm-mmm-mmm!
     Anyway.... I recently purchased Will's "Greatest Hits" CD. This album rocks! It's one of the greatest collections of music I have ever heard. Everything is on this CD... from "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" right up to "Just the Two of Us." I can't stop listening to it. It goes everywhere with me. It's in my computer, it's in my car, it's at work. Good stuff!
     Out of the fifteen tracks it's impossible to pick a "favorite." Each song is better than the last. "Miami" is the one I blast when I'm in the car. Great beat, impressive lyrics and you can tell Will's having a good time singing it. I love that, when you can hear how much fun the artist is having. One of my favorite lines from that song:

"Water so clear you can see to the bottom...
Hundred-thousand-dolla' cars, ev'rybody got'em."
     And, of course, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" gets played more than once. That's a great tune! One of my favorite parts from that one is:
"Everybody lookin' at me,
glancin' the kid,
wishin' they was dancin' a jig,
here with this handsome kid.
Ciga-Cigar right from Cuba-Cuba,
I just bite it; it's for the look, I don't light it.
Ill-way, the an-may on the ance-day oor-flay,
givin' up jiggy -- makin' it feel like foreplay.
     That's hot! You gotta love lyrics like that! Only Will Smith could pull off rappin' in Pig Latin. LOL, I eat that shit right up! I love it!
     Oh, God... and then there's the lyrics to "Just the Two of Us." Now that's great stuff! I end up covered in goosebumps every time I hear that song!
     Will's got the whole package. On top of the looks, the moves, the personality and the body he's also got the brain! He's got one of the "quickest" minds I've ever seen. I love how he can make up a rap "just like that." His I.Q. must be off the charts! He's perfect!!! Jada is a very lucky woman! Damn!
     He's awesome.... I'd love to meet him someday. I bet he's a LOT of fun in person. [*sigh*] Hey, I can dream, can't I?  :-)

ENTRY # 47
DATE:  12/15/05 (Thursday) 1:00pm
SUBJECT:  Goin' Postal!!!

     Oh my God! I just spent my entire lunch-hour standing in line at the Post Office. That place is a zoo today and I'm sure it'll only get worse next week thanks to Christmas.
     Fifty-three minutes I stood in line! Damn! Luckily, my boss isn't here today so at least I can still eat now that I'm finally back to work. And I figured, what the hell, might as well "sign on" and check my email while I'm at it.
     "When the cat's away the mice will play!" During days like this I actually enjoy my job. It's too bad the Post Office put me in such a pissy mood...
     Oh well... [*shrug*] ...that's OK. The package I mailed today was definitely worth it. When it's received I'm sure it'll be a big surprise.

ENTRY # 46
DATE:  12/15/05 (Thursday) 1:30am
SUBJECT:  "You Look Like an Ass!!!"

     I just saw a preview for an upcoming episode of "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump. This man irritates the shit out'a me! Well, actually, it's not him exactly. It's his ridiculous hair! This guy's got more money than a gopher's got dirt and he can't do anything better with his hair than that? Good Lord, what's wrong with him? Does he actually think it looks good???
     The people in his life must be intimidated by all his money 'cause you'd think someone would eventually take him aside and say something like:

    "Hey Don, by the way, when ya gonna do something with that hair style of yours? 'Cause, um, Dude, you kind'a look like an ass with that extreme comb-over you've got goin' on up there!"

     I don't get it. They must be scared of him, thinking that if they say something like that, he'll cut them off financially or something. I dunno...
     I would just love to walk up to him some day and say, "You look like a dick, FIX IT, please!!!" Good grief. I can't believe even the women he's been involved with haven't mentioned it to him. I don't even know the guy and, when I look at him, I actually feel embarrassed for him. How bizarre is that? LOL.
     Yup, it's gotta be a money thing... apparently no one has the balls to be honest with the guy. That's a shame. Poor little Donny. He has no real friends.

ENTRY # 45
DATE:  12/14/05 (Wednesday) Midnight

     I have just spent about four hours driving all over the place looking for the new DVD Box Set of "Sex and the City" that's being advertised on TV. It includes every single episode of the show and I have decided that I GOTTA HAVE IT!!! But all I've been able to find are individual seasons. I don't want those. I want to buy the Box Set with ALL the seasons combined.
     I've been to two Walmarts; I've been to two Targets; I've been to Circuit City and I've been to Best Buy. Then I tried the Milford Mall. Nothing. As a last resort I also tried the Trumbull Mall and still had no luck. NO ONE HAS IT. This is really pissing me off.
     Of course I can always order it online but I'm currently in the process of trying to pay off my credit card so I don't wanna charge anything else. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! When I want something, I want it NOW, dammit! Since I've driven about a hundred miles, all over southern Connecticut, I'm totally bummed out about this. This sucks! :-(
     Hmmmmm.... maybe, if I'm lucky, Santa will bring it to me this year! (I hope, I hope!!!) That'd be a great Stocking-Stuffer (hint, hint)!!! Expensive, but GREAT!!!

ENTRY # 44
DATE:  12/13/05 (Tuesday) 10:15pm
SUBJECT:  Daisy Does America????????

     OK, it's Tuesday... it's a little after 10:00pm... and right now on channel thirty-nine, TBS, there's this new show on called "Daisy Does America." What is this crap??? This is the first time I've seen it and I've already decided it's not a show I can sit through. It's garbage. The first ten minutes was enough for me. I had to leave the room... it's ridiculous. It's about this English (British?) woman who's touring America making a complete fool of herself. I don't get it. Is this what we call "good TV" nowadays? What was the network thinking when they took this show on? They actually thought this show would be a good "follower" after "Sex and the City?" LOL, you've got to be kidding me!!!
     The creators of this show are Courtney (Cox) and David Arquette. I guess that explains the quality of the show, LOL. I shouldn't have expected much more from folks that named their baby "Cocoa." Cocoa is what you name your new puppy not your kid!
     Mental note to self: As soon as "Sex and the City" is over CHANGE THE CHANNEL.... or better yet READ A BOOK.

ENTRY # 43
DATE:  12/13/05 (Tuesday)
SUBJECT:  Christmas Shopping...

     As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I started my Christmas shopping exceptionally early this year. I was half finished before Halloween. I was hoping to be done with it all by now but, unfortunately, that's not the case. Things keep coming up which have limited my shopping time. However, I only have three more gifts to get and I will be all done. I'm hoping to polish them all off this weekend. Wish me luck 'cause I also have to head back to the damn Laundromat this weekend too! Goody, goody.
     I was in Starbucks on Saturday - doing a little more Christmas shopping - and it was total chaos! I couldn't believe the crowd crammed into that place. I needed a gift card, that's all! And I was standing in line for almost an hour. Good grief!!!
     Being that the remaining gifts on my list will be bought at Best Buy and Home Depot, I guess I'll be waking up at the crack of dawn this Saturday in order to beat the crowds. One thing I absolutely HATE is standing in line. It's irritating as hell... especially during the Christmas season. Oh, joy!
     Next year, maybe I'll try doing all my shopping online. At least that way everything will be delivered to me instead. It's too bad stuff doesn't come to you already wrapped though. :-( That'd be great, wouldn't it???

ENTRY # 42
DATE:  12/09/05 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  A Pet Prayer Parody...

The Feline's Prayer
Our Father, who art in PetCo,
hallowed be our toys.
Our cat-bed come,
our naps will be done,
on our human's lap, as they are always.
Give us this day our daily catnip,
and forgive us our litter-boxes,
as we forgive those who forget to clean our boxes.
Lead us not into the Vet's office,
but deliver us directly to the food bowl.
For we are the spoiled, the pampered,
and the masters of our domains,
forever and ever...

ENTRY # 41
DATE:  12/07/05 (Wednesday) 11:30pm
SUBJECT:  Quote, Unquote...

     "All a writer has to do to get a woman is to say he's a writer. It's an aphrodisiac." - Saul Bellow (playwrite/novelist)

     "The mind is an erogenous zone." - David Frost (BBC Broadcaster)

ENTRY # 40
DATE:  12/07/05 (Wednesday) 11:00pm
SUBJECT:  Red Sox Fact...

     Here's an interesting fact I learned today (for all you Red Sox fans/trivia experts out there):

     When they played in the 1915 World Series Championship, the Red Sox used Braves Field as their home ballpark instead of Fenway Park because of its much greater seating capacity.

ENTRY # 39
DATE:  12/06/05 (Tuesday)
SUBJECT:  "Spell Checker"

     Got this little poem in an email today from my Dad. I thought it was cute so I figured I'd post it here. This is a perfect example why you should not rely on your computer's "spell check" feature:

"Spell Checker"
Eye halve a spelling chequer.
It came with my pea sea.
It plainly marques four my revue
miss takes eye kin knot sea.
Eye strike a key and type a word
and weight for it two say
weather eye am wrong oar write.
It shows me strait a weigh.
As soon as a mist take is maid,
it nose bee fore two long,
and eye can put the error write.
Its rarely ever wrong.
Eye have run this poem threw it,
I am shore your pleased two no.
Its letter perfect in its weigh.
My chequer told me sew.

ENTRY # 38
DATE:  12/03/05 (Saturday) 11:30pm
SUBJECT:  PMS: Fact, or Fiction?

     Earlier this evening, I went out to do some shopping. I needed to buy a book about KISS (the rock band) for my girlfriend's husband for Christmas and I also needed to find some Lithium batteries for my digital camera. Being that I am so lazy nowadays, I chose to go to the Barnes & Noble in North Haven because, right up the road from that one, there is a Circuit City. Ironically, this B&N store is also the farthest one from my house. Even with my chronic laziness I still chose to drive a half-hour out of my way in order to make the "two quick stops." Go figure!
     In the process I was bombarded by two different women, in the two different stores, who insisted on bitching to me about their periods and PMS issues. This is generally not a topic I enjoy talking about. Being that these two women were perfect strangers I enjoyed it even less. I am not, in any way, shape or form, interested in hearing about other women's monthly cycles. It's not that I don't care exactly... but I already have my own cycle to deal with, thank you very much! I don't need the added frustrations (or details) of theirs.
     Ultimately, I always walk away from these women feeling sorry for them. My basic attitude goes something like this: I am in your store to purchase a book. Your job is to "ring me up" so I can get on with my life. How this invites you to share your leaky Tampon problems, or your bloating/cramping/sore boobs problems, remains a total f**cking mystery to me! In the back of my mind I figure they must not have any close girlfriends with whom they can discuss this matter so they rely on the comfort of strangers.
     However, if they're looking for "period pity" they've sought out the wrong person to share with when they choose me as their target. I do not believe in PMS. I have never suffered from any of the monthly complications that a lot of women [supposedly] deal with. I do not get cramps, I do not bloat, my boobs feel fine, I do not get headaches, I do not crave chocolate and, as far as I know, I also don't get moody.
     For the most part, I think a lot of women over exaggerate their symptoms so they have a genuine reason to be "bitchy." Especially married women or women who are in "steady" relationships. I suspect they use their monthly cycle as a "crutch" so they can [more easily] manipulate the men in their lives.
     A perfect example of this is my boss's wife. She is the "PMS Queen!" I have witnessed the severity of her PMS first hand and how she treats her husband during the week before her cycle begins. I have also been witness to the multiple flowers, candy and jewelry she's received during this "Week of Dread" - on top of how she's not expected to do any housework or even any cooking. He treats her to fine dining and even goes as far as hiring a maid (and a gardener) to take care of their house. As far as I'm concerned, this is an outrageously deceptive ploy on her part to get what she wants and nothing more!!!
     Though I consider myself "blessed," since I don't have to deal with the "PMS Curse," it's also an inconvenience. Since I have no symptoms whatsoever my "monthly visitor" always comes as a shock. I have to count out the days on my calendar and make a "Due" notation on the twenty-seventh day. This works - usually. But, God forbid, if I forget to do this, I have no idea when it's gonna show up. I'm thinkin' that if I had some kind of warning, like other women do, it wouldn't be so bad. If nothing else it would - at least - offer me the opportunity to go without having to carry around feminine products every day of my existence, LOL.
     Anyway.... my vote? PMS is pure fiction.

ENTRY # 37
DATE:  12/03/05 (Saturday) 11:00pm
SUBJECT:  In Cher's Words...

     After talking about Cher's album "not.com.mercial" in my last entry, I stuck the CD in my player and gave it a spin. I think "Sisters of Mercy" is my favorite song on this album...
     This is what Cher has to say about the song in the liner notes:

     "This song I really wrote for my Mom. When I was a baby, she was forced to put me in a Catholic orphanage while she worked at an all-night diner for a dollar a night. When she went to get me back, the Mother Superior told her she should put me up for adoption. It took my mother six months to get them to release me back to her. I guess we were both well gutted by that experience. I have, however, known plenty of nuns and priests that are loving, caring human beings."

     Being that I was raised in the Catholic school system (which I'm still recovering from) these lyrics really hit close to home:

Sisters of Mercy
Your faith is not faithful, your grace has no grace.
Your mercy shows no mercy, is there no way out of this place?

There's a baby crying softly in a dark and dangerous place.
She's imprisoned by no language, fear grips her tiny face.
In God's house she's held a hostage by a cruel and heartless mob.
There's some rules they think God's written and it justifies their job.

Sisters of mercy, daughters of hell...
they always weave their web of lies and wrap you in their wicked spell.
Sisters of mercy, masters of pain...
they try to crucify your innocence and do it in God's name.

There's a baby sobbing softly, in a crib that's now a cage.
She's done nothing to deserve this, but it sanctifies their rage.
They use God like he's a weapon, only for a chosen few...
then hide behind pious faces, like the guilty always do.

Sisters of mercy, mothers of shame...
A baby only gets to heaven if she's baptized in His name.
Sisters of mercy, daughters of war...
These chicks administer your penance, while the devil guards their door.

Your faith is not faithful, your grace has no grace.
Your mercy shows no mercy, is there no way out of this place?

There's a baby who's a warrior, sometimes tears run down her face,
as she wonders should she fight or simply vanish from the race.
If she's only learned one lesson, it's pride comes before a fall...
the Karma train waits for no man, but God waits for us all.

Sisters of mercy, twisters of truth...
I can't condemn you or forgive you,
for your sins done in my youth.
Sisters of mercy, daughters of Cain...
I see their wilted fading powers rotting flowers,
left like rags out in the rain.

Sisters of mercy, mothers of hell...
Your mercy shows no mercy, is there no way out of this place?
Your grace shows no grace, your mercy shows no mercy...
Is there no way out of this place?
Is there no way out of this place?

     Pretty good, huh?

ENTRY # 36
DATE:  12/03/05 (Saturday) 7:45pm
SUBJECT:  "Believe"

     I absolutely love Cher! I dig her music and her movies... and I also love her attitude! She has been and still is - without a doubt - one of the most influential role models in my life. And this goes back a long time... back to the days of the Sonny & Cher variety show.
     I think I was about five years old when I started watching it and I loved how Cher sang. Every time she'd sing I'd just sit there glued to the TV. Other times I'd sing along with her using a hair-brush, or a carrot stick, as a microphone. LOL, I even tried to mimic her... her voice as well as her movements.
     The "Vamp" routine was always one of my favorites. Sonny was playing the piano and Cher was usually laying on top of it belting out "She Was a Vamp" (or whatever the title is)... and on the other side of my living-room, directly across from my TV, I'd be splayed out on my "pretend piano" (also known as the couch) belting "V - A - M - P" into my carrot stick.
     Thirty years later, I still find myself belting along with her as I blast her album "Believe" in the car. It's a fabulous album and I think it's definitely some of her best work. I never thought she'd be able to top it but then - of course - she proved me wrong when she came out with the "not.com.mercial" album (which is only available online due to it's darker/graphic content). The music is incredible and the lyrics (all except for two songs) are all written by Cher. It's amazing work. It's the album I listen to most often when I'm at home. Though "Believe" still reigns champion when it comes to cruisin' music in the car.
     I have one of her concerts on DVD... it's from "The Farewell Tour" and I sit today, just as I did as a child, glued to my TV when it's on. I think she's one of the coolest women on the planet... even when it comes to her clothing. Whether she's wearing some extravagant Bob Mackie design or just a pair of jeans and a T-shirt she's always stunning. Now that's saying something 'cause some of the Mackie outfits she's worn are outlandish... but she always manages to make "the look" work!
     And ya gotta love her attitude. She's very straightforward, strong-willed and firm in her beliefs. That's awesome. You can hear this in every song on "Believe" which makes the album even more appealing to me. Especially when she starts singing about the guys in her life and how she managed to move on without them. It's inspiring...
     Sometimes almost too inspiring. When the album is playing in the car I've been known to perform full-length concerts while driving. This is probably not a good thing. I'm singing, I'm car-dancin'... and all the other people that drive by my car end up laughing at the spectacle. But, hey, it's a fun album and I just can't help myself.
     Since I learned to "belt" at such a young age, I think I have Cher to thank for being on the cheer-leading squad in grammar school; and also for being cast as Dolly Levi in "Hello, Dolly!" (another shining grammar school moment). If it wasn't for the Sonny & Cher show I have a good feeling neither one of those things would've happened.
     Even today her music, acting and her attitude still make an impact. Like I said, she's a role model. I'm glad I discovered her work at such an early age and managed to keep up with it through the years. In some small way her work has helped me to define myself. She's a "tough broad" and it's a secret goal of mine to be just like her when I grow up.
     ...I think I'm almost there. ;-)

ENTRY # 35
DATE:  12/03/05 (Saturday) 11:00am
SUBJECT:  In Search of the Perfect Cat Toy...

     For years, I have come home from the store (whether it be the grocery store or a pet store) every week with a new toy for my cat. She has come to expect this now and, when I'm emptying the bags, she sits in the middle of the kitchen floor waiting patiently for me to present it to her. I have come to the conclusion that she's actually not waiting in any great anticipation for the toy itself.... what she's really waiting for is the opportunity to demonstrate her newest interpretation of feigning disappointment. Throughout the last thirteen years I have never once found a toy to her liking.
     I've spent hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect cat toy. In a corner of my living-room sits one of the largest Tupperware bowls I own. This bowl is her toy-box and it's currently overflowing with a mound of neglected/completely ignored toys. Whenever I glance at it I'm always reminded of the "Misfit" song from the "Rudolf the Reindeer Christmas Special".
     My cat has a variety of stuffed animals along with toys that squeak, rattle, vibrate, hum and wobble... and others that even light up and glow in the dark. She has scented toys that smell like beef, chicken, Tuna and turkey... and, of course, she also has a plethora of toys that are laced with cat-nip. I've tried toys of all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures... and I always get the same reaction. She sniffs at it briefly then walks away. On an exceptionally good day she might reach out with one little paw and actually touch it (before walking away)... and then that's it. She'll never touch it again.
     I am starting to take this personally. Does my cat think I have lousy taste? When she looks at me what is going on in her little mind? Is she suffering from the fact that her Mommy has poor judgement? Do I know nothing at all about my cat's entertainment preferences? It's hard to say. But, when she neglects the hundreds of toys I've picked out for her and - instead - chooses to play with a piece of balled up paper or the twisty thing from the top of a gallon of milk, I don't know what else to think.
     Last week I was eating some M&Ms. Apparently, I dropped one and it fell into my bathrobe. When I stood up, and went to the kitchen for something to drink, the M&M dropped to the linoleum floor. Upon hearing this my cat came running! This M&M kept my cat thoroughly occupied for hours. I stood there watching her for a few minutes in utter fascination. In a matter of seconds she was totally engrossed in a rather compelling game of Ice-Hockey under the kitchen table!
     This morning - for breakfast - I made myself a piping hot cup of cocoa. I have a sweet-tooth so I also added a few Miniature Marshmallows to the top of it. After witnessing the M&M-Ice Hockey Match last week, I threw a marshmallow to my cat to see what would happen. That was two hours ago and this poor marshmallow is still being stealthily stalked and tortured! It's been tossed in the air, batted from room to room, carried around, clawed, pounced on and partially chewed. Now covered with saliva it's a bit pasty. This is creating a whole new level of play. It's sticking to her feet which - in turn - makes my cat think it's fighting back. I can see it in her face... I know exactly what she's thinking: "KILL THE MARSHMALLOW, KILL THE MARSHMALLOW!"
     *sigh* I don't get it...
     I wonder if it's too late to return her Christmas presents. I'm thinkin' I should just buy her her own bag of M&Ms and Miniature Marshmallows.

ENTRY # 34
DATE:  12/02/05 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  Henry...

     Henry is my stuffed dog. I've had Henry since I was two years old. He was a birthday gift, from my Great Aunt Jean, back in 1972. This makes Henry thirty-three (almost thirty-four) years old. I don't know why I've hung onto him all these years. Thousands of other stuffed animals have come and gone but not Henry. Henry has been right by my side, through thick n' thin, for over thirty years and I'm sure he'll remain with me through the next thirty.
     Henry stands approximately ten inches tall. His body is a yellowish-brown color and he's got black ears, black eyes and a black tail. His nose, mouth and belly-button (why he has a belly-button is beyond me but he does) were replaced by my Mom years ago with yarn. I don't know what happened to his original nose, mouth and belly-button but his current "yarn parts" are still very much intact.
     He's also still wearing the original pink bow around his neck that he was wearing when he was first presented to me. Which means, to me, this little dog is supposed to be a girl. I guess when I was naming my stuffed animals, at the age of two, I wasn't very concerned with gender. Also, on his left foot, part of his original tags still remain. They are faded and almost impossible to read but, like Henry himself, they've managed to survive the test of time.
     He's in very good shape for a stuffed animal of thirty-four. He's not torn and he has no holes anywhere. And his stuffing is still firm throughout his little body except for around his neck area. I think the bow is mostly to blame for this. Perhaps it was tied too tight when he was originally sewn together, I don't know for sure. Because his neck isn't as firm as the rest of his body, when you lift him up and move him around, he has - what I like to call - "baby neck." His little head just kind'a flops from side to side and back n' forth uncontrollably. Other than that, though, he's A-OK.
     Henry has lived in three different states throughout his lifetime: New Hampshire, New York and - of course - Connecticut. He's lived in houses, apartments, cars and trucks. He also spent some time in a dog house, years ago, thanks to the old Mastiff we used to own. Luckily, he was rescued by my Dad before the Mastiff tore him to shreds.
     He's vacationed in Maine, Massachusetts, Florida and South Dakato... and he's also survived numerous camping trips, hot-air balloon rallies, amusement parks and whale watching cruises.
     Though I know he's definitely a dog, I have no idea what breed he's supposed to be. Right now, as I sit here writing this, he's propped up against my printer. If two cartoons could produce offspring, I'd say he's a mix between Snoopy and Under-Dog. He's a cutie!
     For whatever reason, I just can't bring myself to part with him. I don't know if it's because my favorite Aunt gave him to me or if it's simply the fact that he's a link to my childhood but, to this day, he still occupies the head of the bed perched comfortably atop all the throw-pillows.
     You're probably asking yourself, "Why the hell is she writing about an old stuffed animal?" Well, late last night (actually, it was more like early this morning), I was cleaning out my download folder and I stumbled across an old photograph. It was taken in November of 1973 and, yup, you guessed it... it's a photo of me (age three) and Henry (age one)....

     After finding this picture, memories came flooding back to me. I just couldn't resist writing about my little Henry.

ENTRY # 33
DATE:  12/01/05 (Thursday)
SUJBECT:  A Very Happy Cat!

     Sweety-Face is thrilled! I turned my heat on (finally) today and she is now laying right in front of the hot-air vent. She's no dummy! As chilly as it is in this computer room, I'm about ready to join her.
     Maybe now I can get into bed at night and not have to worry about rolling over and squishing her. She's a body-heat mooch and, for the last month, she's insisted on sleeping under the covers right up against me. Not that I mind at all but, sometimes, I'm a restless sleeper. I'd hate to crush her little body if I was to toss n' turn too violently. That would suck. Now that the heat is on maybe she'll go back to sleeping in one of her kitty-beds. We'll see...

ENTRY # 32
DATE:  11/28/05 (Monday)
SUBJECT:  It's Official...

     ...Thanksgiving is definitely over. My left-overs are gone, I had to go back to work today and all you hear on the radio now is Christmas music. Yup, Turkey Day has - without a doubt - come and gone.
     It sucked having to wake up early this morning. It actually hurt when the alarm clock went off at 7:00am. Ugh!!! Mondays, in general, are bad enough... but a Monday following a long weekend is even worse!
     I don't get another "day off" until Christmas. Since it falls on a Sunday this year that means we'll have Monday off. WOOHOOO!!!
     Twenty-seven days and counting!!!

ENTRY # 31
DATE:  11/27/05 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  Rancid Coffee!

     EXTRA, EXTRA!!! The coffee at Seven-Eleven sucks! Avoid it at all costs!
     I love my coffee! I drink hot coffee, iced-coffee, powdered coffee (i.e. International Coffees by General Foods, Inc.), instant coffee and flavored coffees. You name it, I drink it!!! Every day, I drink at least two large cups of it. Morning just isn't possible without it. I gotta have it. Then, around lunch-time, I have the second one. And, occasionally, I'll even brew a pot when I get home from work.
     Since I have a Dunkin' Donuts near my home, and near my work, D&D coffee is what I drink most often. However, I also enjoy Starbucks and Green Mountain coffees too.
     Earlier this evening, I was at my neighborhood Seven-Eleven convenient store. I had to get a newspaper, Half n' Half cream, gum and some snacks to take to work with my lunch. While I was there, I decided to get a cup a coffee since I hadn't had any all day. I walked over to their "serve-it-yourself" coffee area and saw - immediately - they offer two kinds of coffee: Regular and DeCaf. I prefer "High-Test" so I completely ignored the pot containing DeCaf. Although, when I reached over to grab the appropriate pot, I got a faint whiff of the coffees sitting there. They smelled kind'a "burnt" so, before I poured myself a cup, I sniffed the pot I was holding. It wasn't too bad so I decided to take my chances.
     Once I had it poured into the biggest cup they offer I then proceeded to add cream. After dumping four creams into my cup I should've just stopped there and abandoned the notion altogether. The four creams I had just added didn't change the appearance of the coffee at all. This is usually a very bad sign! After adding seven more (really! seven!), which made a total of eleven creams, it finally changed to a color that passed for "drinkable."
     Anyway, I got home, put all my purchases away and made myself comfortable in front of my computer with my coffee right next to me. After experiencing the first sip - which was directly followed by a slight shudder and a very prominent gag reflex - I dumped it down the drain and brewed my own!
     Good Lord!!! Never, in all my coffee drinking years, have I been faced with a cup of coffee that actually made me gag! That's some baaaaad coffee, let me tell ya! Oh, it was just dreadful...
     I've learned my lesson. I will never step foot in another Seven-Eleven with coffee in mind! EVER!!!

ENTRY # 30
DATE:  11/26/05 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Eight-Legged Spawns of Satan!

     I HATE SPIDERS... but I bet you already guessed that from the subject line, huh? I hate them so much, in fact, I will even say it again: I hate spiders! They totally freak me out!
     I was born and raised a country girl. I'm originally from New Hampshire and the majority of our property was woodland. I was also raised around livestock... horses and cattle mostly but there were some pigs, goats and chickens mixed in too. My parents were both hunters so I'm also accustomed to the blood and guts of slaughtered deer.
     As a child I was considered a "Tom-Boy." While most little girls are shunned by little boys, I was always the "cool girl" that was allowed into all the little boy games. I loved to play Tag, Kick Ball, Dodge Ball, Football and Baseball. I always came home covered from head to toe in dirt. I also used to come home with a variety of wildlife that would usually scare my mother. I'd carry home bugs and snakes (and sometimes injured birds) that - of course - fell under Mom's "You're Not Bringing That Into This House" rule. So, from what you've just read here, I think you can make the assumption that I'm not easily freaked out, or grossed out, by much of anything...
     ...except spiders. I don't know where this fear came from, or how long I've suffered from it, but it's been a problem for as long as I can remember. I think it might have something to do with the use of outhouses. I remember many of our camping trips and the one thing I always hated was the fact that I had to use an outhouse whenever nature called. Peeking into that dark, damp, smelly hole, usually lined with spider webs, from what I can tell is - most likely - where my arachnophobia came from. I'm just guessing here but it does seem to make sense. Having to place one's butt directly over this hole is pretty creepy. As you sit there waiting to pee you're also sitting there waiting to feel something scurry across your butt cheeks. This is not a pleasant thought for me (at the age of 35). And, trust me, it's even worse when you're eight with an over-active imagination.
     And, honestly, it's not just the hole in the outhouse that's creepy. It's the whole outhouse itself. In general, an outhouse is [usually] made of wood... and all the outhouses I've been forced to use through the years have been very old and rickety. New England weather can be harsh and wooden outhouses take severe beatings all year long.
     The door of your average outhouse usually includes a half-moon shaped window. In theory this is to serve two purposes. One is for privacy, the other is for lighting. However, even with the little window, the inside of an outhouse is pretty dark, sometimes pitch black. At night the use of a flashlight is a must.
     Once you build up enough nerve to actually sit down to do your business you are then forced to look around. If you look down it's not too bad. You'll probably see little holes here and there that have been gnawed out by mice and rabbits looking for cozy homes in the winter. But if you happen to look up you are - without a doubt - going to be staring at a ceiling full of spider webs; some vacant, some not so vacant. Again, as an eight-year-old, this is terrifying. Not only are you waiting to feel something crawl across your butt, you're also hoping that one doesn't fall into your hair (or down a pant-leg) as they dangle precariously from their webs directly above you. Do you get my drift? Good. I thought you might. Moving on...
     Today, I cleaned my bathroom... which includes scrubbing the floor around and behind the toilet bowl. During this process I came face to face with the Spawn of Satan himself in the form of - obviously - a spider. A very large, black, hairy spider at that! At first glance - approximately two seconds before I ran shuddering from the bathroom - it appeared to be about the size of a dinner plate! However, once I "geared up" (rubber gloves, a fly-swatter and a can of Raid) and returned to the bathroom to kill the nasty beast, I saw it was only about a half-inch in diameter including it's leg-span. Thankfully my trusty fly-swatter was able to overpower it!!! Using my best Dirty Harry voice I'm very proud to say, "I won!"
     Even though I killed it I'm still freaked out over the initial thought that it was lurking behind my toilet bowl. I don't appreciate this. As I scooped it up into a paper towel and examined it's carcass to make sure it was dead, I couldn't help but wonder what it's motives were. I'm sure it had a hidden agenda; and I'm sure it had something to do with running a marathon across my naked butt! With this in mind, I emptied the entire can of Raid all around the toilet bowl in hopes of massacring all family members it might have had.
     Three hours later, my bathroom still reeks of Raid but at least I can pee in peace! Amen!

ENTRY # 29
DATE:  11/25/05 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  A Day of Movies...

     Since I didn't have to work today, and since I didn't go to my Mom's for the long weekend because of all the snow up at her place, I took a ride over to my neighborhood Blockbuster store to check out their "New Releases" wall.
     Being that I haven't been to the movie theater in months I haven't seen anything new lately. The last movie I did go to see was "Man of the House" with Tommy Lee Jones. That was back in February (of this year)... February 25th to be exact... LOL, my ticket stub is tacked up on my bulletin-board right next to me.
     I rarely go to the theater... I'm not crazy about crowds and I especially don't like listening to shrieking children so I elect to rent them and watch them in the privacy (and silence) of my own home. Plus, the fact that one ticket costs almost 10 bucks nowadays is another reason I prefer to rent them. It's much cheaper.
     I've been so busy lately (for the last six months or so) I haven't even had the opportunity to rent anything. However, that changed today. Big time! I came home from Blockbusters with nine movies, LOL! Nine! And I watched them all today. Over eighteen hours of vegging in front of my TV. Wow! I can honestly say that I think I'm almost caught up with everything "current" that I wanted to see. There are a few more out there but they'll just have to wait 'til I have another long weekend with nothing to do.
     Here's what I came home with:

Fever Pitch (with Drew Barrymore, and Jimmy Fallon)
Hitch (with Will Smith)
Million Dollar Baby (with Hillary Swank, Clint Eastwood, and Morgan Freeman)
Monster-in-Law (with Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, and Michael Vartan)
Racing Stripes (with voices provided by a variety of stars)
Sin City (with Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, and Brittany Murphy)
War of the Worlds (with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning)
The Wedding Date (with Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney)
White Noise (with Michael Keaton)

     "Fever Pitch" was great!!! I am, of course, a Red Sox fan so I totally dug this movie! From beginning to end I thought it was fantastic! I am also a Stephen King fan so seeing the brief clip of him in the very beginning was pretty cool too! At least I think it was the real Stephen King in that shot. It was hard to tell. If it wasn't him they sure did a good job at finding someone who looked like him.
     And all the footage at the end of the movie was awesome... during the World Series. I never realized this movie was filmed during all that. I learned from the Special Features that FOX allowed them to film live during game four. Seeing it all play out again was incredible! That was such a great moment for me when the Red Sox won... I will definitely have to buy this movie so I can relive it whenever I want to.
     "Hitch" was a hoot! It was pretty funny but, I 'spose, that's a given since Will Smith was the star! He's a great actor... I'll watch just about anything if he's in it.
     "Million Dollar Baby" was an extraordinary film. The cast was amazing... and Clint Eastwood's work behind the camera is just as good as his work in front of it. He's brilliant no matter what! Morgan Freeman I absolutely love as an actor. He always delivers a flawless performance. The story was very moving as well as completely unpredictable. The ending had me in tears! Hillary Swank did an unbelievable job with bringing her character to life. The whole movie was incredible. If you haven't seen it yet you have to rent this one folks! It's truly an amazing film!
     "Monster-In-Law" was good... not great but "good." The cast was cool... it was nice to see Jane Fonda again. It's been years since she's been in front of a camera. Jennifer Lopez was adorable. The role was perfect for her! Michael Vartan delivered a great performance too but I would've liked to have seen more of his character on-screen instead of some of the slap-stick action sequences.
     "Racing Stripes" was fabulous! This is the one where a zebra grows up thinking he's a race-horse. Rent this one!!!! Definitely! It's a riot! ...it's funny, it's sweet and it's very touching.
     The cast collected to supply the voices was superb. Stripes, the zebra, is played by Frankie Muniz... Sandy (the white filly) is played by Mandy Moore. Other voices include Michael Clarke Duncan (as the clydesdale), Jeff Foxworthy (as the rooster), Snoop Dogg (as the bloodhound), Joe Pantoliano (as the pelican), Dustin Hoffman (as the pony), Whoopi Goldberg (as the goat), and David Spades and Steve Harvey (playing a pair of flies). I will be buying this one too! It's definitely a "watch-more-than-once" movie!
     "Sin City" was amazing to watch. Well, not really to "watch" but to "look at." I found this film so artistically beautiful (as in artwork) I had to keep rewinding it 'cause I was missing parts of the story. I got so lost in the "visual" aspect of this film the story itself was lost. However, once I rewound to certain parts, the storyline [also] became pretty damn cool!
     This one has an interesting cast too. Along with Bruce Willis, Brittany Murphy and Beni Del Toro you'll also find: Powers Boothe, Elijah Wood, Clive Owen, Michael Clarke Duncan, Mickey Rourke and Alexis Bledel. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting but that's all I can remember right now.
     "War of the Worlds" was... eh... OK. Great special effects but I was expecting a little more "drama" I guess, for lack of a better word. Tom gave a great performance for the most part but I thought - in some spots - he was a bit shallow. Dakota Fanning delivered an utterly disturbing display of fear for someone her age, LOL.
     I think Dakota's gonna be the next Jodie Foster when she finally grows up. I say "finally" because... maybe it's just me, but, it seems as if this child isn't getting any older. She's not growing. I don't get it. For the last four years she seems to be the same age and height. What's wrong with this kid? Is she not taking her Flintstone's vitamins? Regardless... she's a great actor!!! She made the movie worth watching.
     "The Wedding Date" was cute but I feel as though I've already seen it. It's as if "The Wedding Planner" and "My Best Friend's Wedding" merged and "The Wedding Date" was the resulting love-child between the two.
     Though I thought the story-line was a little weak, Debra Messing did a fabulous job with what she was given. Her performance carried the whole film. I was hesitant in renting this one because I was afraid I'd see nothing more than "Grace Adler" from "Will & Grace." However, I'm pleased to say that wasn't the case. There was no Grace Adler evident in this movie at all. Congrats to Debra for pulling this off!
     "White Noise" was kind'a freaky... but "freaky" in a good way. I'm glad I watched it during daylight hours 'cause this is a film that probably would've kept me up half the night tossing n' turning. It was good. Not good enough for me to buy but it was good enough for me to be able to say that I'm glad I finally saw it.
     So, anyways, that's how I spent my day today. Just chillin' in front of my TV eatin' Thanksgiving left overs. It was a much-needed day of relaxation.

ENTRY # 28
DATE:  11/24/05 (Thursday)
SUBJECT:  Gobble, Gobble!

     Happy Thanksgiving! I hope y'all had a very relaxing holiday spent with friends, family and good food! I sure did...
     I headed over to my friend Adrienne's house for dinner at around 2:00pm. I thought I was going to be late but, as it turned out, I was the first one there. Adrienne lives with her folks and her sister, Kimmy. So, already, that makes five people (including myself). Once their family members started showing up there was quite a crowd gathered around the table.
     The food was incredible! We had a turkey AND a ham, yams, corn, stuffing, greens, potatoes, turnips and more! After a rather large plate with as much crammed onto it as possible I also ended up eating three helpings of dessert. Two consisted of strawberry shortcake and the third was a slice of sweet-potato pie! Then JJ (Adrienne's cousin) showed up later carrying a tray of homemade lasagna. Once I got a whiff of it I grabbed another plate and had two helpings of that too!
     I've been home for over an hour and I'm still stuffed... gobble, gobble indeed! Yikes! I wonder what my sodium count was today??? LOL. I probably don't want to know. Anyway, it was a great afternoon... good food, good company and many laughs!
     I came home with two containers of left-overs so I'm looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow. Though this time I'll be sure to share some turkey with Sweety-Face!

ENTRY # 27
DATE:  11/23/05 (Wednesday) - Midnight
SUBJECT:  Burrrrrr....

     OK, it's gettin' cold in here! As you'll probably remember (from a previous post) I decided to try to go without heat until November 15th since we were still experiencing decent weather here. Well, I succeeded in doing that. Today is November 23rd and I still haven't turned my heat on. But I think that's about to change and very soon too. I just looked out my window and it's snowing! It's actually snowing outside and I haven't turned my heat on yet, LOL. I am totally amused by this.
     ...and I'm cold. Well, not "cold" exactly but it's definitely getting chilly in this apartment of mine. Since the 15th came and went, and I still didn't need to turn the heat on, I decided I'd try waiting 'til December first. Hmmmmm... I don't know if I'll make it that far or not.
     My cat is starting to get annoyed, I think. She's gettin' chilly too, LOL! Every time I curl up on the couch with my Red Sox blanket she starts clawing at it 'cause she wants to get underneath it too. The same thing happens when I get into bed at night. As soon as I get comfortable there she is - in my face - trying to wiggle herself under the covers. She's so cute. I have a feeling I'll be turning the heat on more for her sake than my own.
     And in case you're wondering, yes, I really mean that. I can definitely go without heat but I won't force that upon my cat. I'm sure you animal lovers out there know exactly what I mean. You'd rather suffer yourself instead of making your pet suffer. I did the same thing last summer too. I bought a brand new air-conditioner for my cat. If it was just me living here I would've been perfectly content with my old one. But since she's a Persian (with all that long hair) I didn't think my old AC would keep it cool enough in here for her.
     For Sweety-Face's sake maybe I'll turn the heat on earlier than December first. We'll see...

ENTRY # 26
DATE:  11/23/05 (Wednesday) - 11:30pm
SUBJECT:  The Perfect Burger...

     Confession: I just annihilated my "Lower Sodium" diet. Oh boy, did I ever! But it was worth every bite!
     After I got home from work today I called my friend Adrienne to see what time I should head over to her house tomorrow afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner. Once we covered that subject our conversation went all over the place, LOL. Somehow we got on the subject of Whoopie Pies. For those of you who don't know what a Whoopie Pie is: it's a pastry item consisting of two layers of chocolate cake with cream in the middle. They're round, rich in flavor, incredibly fattening and absolutely delicious. Anyway, while we were talking about them, she was surfing the Internet browsing around for different Whoopie Pie concoctions. She found several and began reading them to me. Since I hadn't eaten dinner yet she had me practically drooling so I said, "Oh my God, shut up! Just shut up... you're making me hungry." She then asked if I wanted to go out to eat. Of course I jumped at the opportunity.
     I changed out of my work clothes into my "play clothes," jumped in the car and went to her house to pick her up. We went to one of our favorite Diners. We have two... one in Westport (about twenty minutes away) and one in Bridgeport (about six blocks from her house). We chose the one in Bridgeport this time since we were both starving.
     After taking a glance at the menu I decided on the "Swiss Burger Deluxe." It's a hamburger drowning in Swiss cheese and it comes with lettuce and tomatoes with a side of fries and cole-slaw. For extra kicks, I told the waitress that I wanted mushrooms on it too...
     Now, I gotta tell ya, I am a huge fan of red meat. I love beef in all shapes n' sizes... and I eat (at times) wild game as well, i.e. venison (deer meat), moose, bear and buffalo. But, for some reason, I rarely eat red meat even though it's one of my favorite foods. I don't really know why. I got out of the habit of buying it at the store 'cause it would sit in my freezer for a year. It would then get freezer-burnt so I'd have to throw it out. Eventually, I just gave up buying it altogether. Why buy it if I'm not gonna cook it? And meat is way too expensive to keep throwing it away!!! So I gave it up. But when I dine at a fine restaurant (which is highly irregular) I always order Prime Rib, New York Strip or Filet Mignon. And if I'm in a Diner I'll usually order either breakfast or a burger.
     The burger, tonight, was the best burger I have ever eaten! It was mouth-watering! Absolute perfection on a platter! It was juicy, tender, cooked just right... the lettuce was nice n' crisp and the tomatoes were vine-ripe with that wonderful sun-sweetened flavor. The mushrooms were fresh, NOT canned, and the Swiss cheese was to die for! Hell, even the fries were fantastic. I hardly ever eat the side of fries that automatically comes with a burger, but tonight, I ate every single one! The whole meal was - in a word - heavenly! Definitely the perfect burger if there ever was one!
     Why is it things taste so much better when you're hungry? ...and when you don't prepare it yourself? I've never understood that but it seems to be true.

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