Entries 350 - 326

ENTRY # 350
DATE:  02/14/13 (Thursday)
SUBJECT:  Happy V-Day To Me, Happy V-Day to Me...

     Well... the pain in my hip/side is just about gone. It's still tender to the touch and it's starting to turn yellow so in the next day or two I'm sure it's gonna be a massive black-n-blue. The pain under my left arm isn't too bad now either; it's down to a dull ache. But I am still limping from the pain in my ankle. I can almost put my full weight on it but not quite. In a couple days, hopefully, the limp will be gone 'cause it's really starting to get annoying.
     Today is Valentine's Day. And, yes, I do deserve a little pick-me-up. Falling down the stairs is reason enough. Valentine's Day doesn't really have anything to do with it, LOL, I just want an excuse to buy some beads for my bracelet. :-)
     As soon as I left work today, I headed out to Orange 'cause I wanted to check out the beads at Pottery Plus. However, on the way there, I decided to stop into Michael's Jewelers instead to take a peek at their Pandora selection. I splurged. I bought myself two beads. It cost me almost seventy bucks, LOL, so that's my quota for February I guess. I'll have to wait 'til March to get any more. I picked out the horseshoe and the ice skate beads... and they both dangle. They're very cute. Here's what they look like...


     I got the ice skate because, years ago, I used to take lessons. I really enjoyed it and I actually started to get pretty good at it... but, after a while, the ice-time started to interfere with other stuff I had going on back then (school/work/volleyball/boyfriend) so I quit. And I got the horseshoe bead to represent my Mom. As soon as I saw it I thought of her, her lifetime love of horses, her dedication to Nuggett for 30+ years... I just had to have it.
     And while I was browsing I also found two other beads that are now on my "wish list." One is the "badminton birdie" (which will represent my grandfather, Papa) and the other one is the "garden hat" (which will be for my grandmother, Gammie). I don't know how long I'll have to wait before I can get them though 'cause they are not cheap, LOL. The badminton birdie is 65 dollars... the garden hat is 40. Damn. By the time this bracelet is full, I'll have to take out an insurance policy on it, LOL. Oh well... y'only live once, right?

ENTRY # 349
DATE:  02/12/13 (Tuesday)
SUBJECT:  Ouch, Dammit, Shit...

     LOL, my prayers for a single Snow Day last Thursday before Storm Nemo hit were definitely answered. We were closed on Friday, closed on Monday and I didn't go to work today either although we were open. I called out 'cause I fell down the friggin' stairs on the back porch last night while I was trying to chip away all the ice that had built up on them from the gutters' constant dripping. All of a sudden both my feet flew out from underneath me and down I went... all eight stairs. And I went down hard. My right hip got banged up, my right ankle got banged up, and my left shoulder got banged up. My ankle/Achilles' tendon, I think, received the worst of it. No broken bones, thank God, but I'm in enough pain to warrant staying home from work. So I did. And, honestly, I don't think I could handle driving with my ankle feeling like this. I could probably work the gas pedal with little to no problems but the brake pedal, I fear, would be an issue. If I had to stop quick I don't think I'd be able to stomp on the brakes without experiencing a major jolt of pain. I figured I'd take the safe route and just stay the hell home. And I'm sure most companies are closed today 'cause the roads around here are still a mess so we'd be pretty slow at work anyway even if I had gone in. So, um, yeah... my Snow Day has evolved into a five-day stretch (including the weekend, of course). Nice.
     I slept, I ate, I did some channel surfing, I limped around and I read. I read a lot. I finished "Roots." That was an incredible book. It was so good, in fact, I put it back on my bookshelf so I can read it again someday. And that's saying something 'cause I hardly EVER read the same book twice.
     Hmmm... Valentine's Day is coming up. Now that I've fallen down the stairs, I think I deserve a present. Maybe I'll get myself a V-Day gift. Trollbeads, perhaps??? LOL, most definitely!!!

ENTRY # 348
DATE:  02/11/13 (Monday)
SUBJECT:  Whitney Houston & My MP3 Player...

     This is the anniversary of Whitney Houston's death. She died one year ago today. My God, I can't believe it's been a year already. The FUSE network is running a Houston marathon/tribute to her all day today. It started at 6:00am this morning and I think it's goes until 1:00am tomorrow. I sat and watched some of it earlier and I was amazed at how many of her songs I really like.
     Back in the '80's, I always liked her music and videos but I only owned one of her albums. It was the very first one she put out titled, simply, "Whitney Houston." I bought it on cassette-tape. I remember playing it a lot back then but I never replaced it on CD like I did with many of the other albums in my collection. I don't know why not. So, as of right now, my music collection has no Whitney Houston included at all. I seriously need to rectify this. I'm not saying I'm going to rush out and buy every single album she made... but I do need to - at the very least - track down a "The Best Of..." or a "Number One Hits" type of compilation album so I can have some of her stuff.
     This led me to start thinking about my MP3 player. It's been a while since I've used it and I was laying on the couch trying to remember what's on it. I know that whatever I buy of Ms. Houston's stuff will be loaded onto it soon after it's purchased. Since I just charged it up the other day for the storm (in case the power went out), I dug it out again and went through the "Albums" menu. I've got an interesting selection on it so far, that's for sure.

19 / Adele
21 / Adele
Act Your Age / Big Phat Band
All the Women I am / Reba
Begin the Beguine / Artie Shaw
Believe / Cher
Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits of the 60s & 70s / (various artists)
Black Coffee with Peggy Lee / Peggy Lee
Captain and Tennille Greatest Hits
Come On Over / Shania Twain
Debut / Bjork
Greatest / Duran Duran
Greatest Hits / Will Smith
Here For the Party / Gretchen Wilson
In the Glenn Miller Mood / (U.S. Airmen of Note/U.S. Airforce/Glenn Miller Orchestra)
Karma / Rick Springfield
Let Them Talk / Hugh Laurie
Love Scenes / Diana Krall
Midnight, Moonlight & Magic / Henry Mancini Orchestra
Shock 'n Y'all / Toby Keith
That's How We Roll / Big Phat Band
The Barbra Streisand Album / Barbra Streisand
The Best of Rick Springfield / Rick Springfield
The Best of The Ventures / The Ventures
The Best of Tommy Dorsey / Tommy Dorsey
The Big Band Era / (various artists)
The Birth of Swing 1935-1936 / Benny Goodman
The Chesterfield Broadcasts - CD #1 / The Andrew Sisters & Benny Goodman
The Chesterfield Broadcasts - CD #2 / The Andrew Sisters & Benny Goodman
The Dana Owens Album / Queen Latifah
The Immaculate Collection / Madonna
The Second Barbra Streisand Album / Barbra Streisand
The Standards / Count Basie

     That's 33 albums (465 songs) and the memory is only about two-thirds full. Plus I also have an 8 gigabyte micro-card for it which will hold a TON of music... Yeah, I've definitely gotta get some Whitney Houston stuff on this thing. I want some "Old School" Whitney and I think I want some newer "Crazy" Whitney too, meaning her very last album. Even though she was criticized, big time, for her lack of "voice" on the last one, I - personally - like how she sounds on it. She's got a deeper, raspier tone and that appeals to me. The next time I hit Best Buy in Orange I'll take a peek at what they have...
     OK... that's it out'a me for today. I'm going back to Kunta Kinte now. Seeya...

ENTRY # 347
DATE:  02/10/13 (Sunday - 9:00pm)
SUBJECT:  More Blizzard Bitching...

     OK, damn.... post #3 for today, LOL...
     Apparently my phone call to the plowing guys earlier this afternoon lit some fires under someone's ass 'cause they were just here doing some more clearing. This time they showed up with two pick-up trucks (both with plows mounted on the front) AND two tractors.
     When I saw them show up I got dressed immediately and went downstairs to give them an idea of what, exactly, I wanted done. It went something like this... "You can push this mound back that way. This mound over here can go that way. If possible, you can try to widen the driveway a little 'cause it's really tight when we try to come and go. If we fishtail at all we're gonna slam into one of these mounds, scratch the paint, get stuck, and all kind's of hell. Then, you might wanna think about getting that trailer out'a here too 'cause it's taking up way too much room where you could be piling snow instead." And that's that. They did exactly what I said and it's much better now. The trailer is gone and the piles are pushed back farther giving us a lot more room to move the cars around. The only thing they didn't do ('cause it was too dark outside at this point) was widen the driveway... but he said they'd be back sometime tomorrow (hopefully) with a big truck to haul some snow off. At that time, he said, they'd also dig out the dumpster and work on the sidewalk out front. Good. It's about time. (As I proudly pat myself on the back!)
     Then I called my boss and left him a voice mail on his cell asking about what his plans are for tomorrow... if he wanted me to open at the regular hour, or open late, or if he just wanted to stay closed. He called me back about twenty minutes later and we chatted about the storm for a bit and how bad it is everywhere... and his final decision was, and I quote, "Hell with it, I'm gonna close Monday, so I'll see you on Tuesday." Wooohoooooooo!!! Thank God, 'cause I was NOT looking forward to that commute in the morning. Even though I only work 4 miles away, in conditions like this, it would've taken HOURS to get there. I am so relieved I don't have to make that trip!!! Now I can stay home on the couch all day and read some more about Kunta Kinte in "Roots." It's a really good book!!!

ENTRY # 346
DATE:  02/10/13 (Sunday / 1:00pm)
SUBJECT:  Roads Are A Mess...

     WOW, 2 posts in one day!!! This hasn't happened in years, LOL. But, I had to sign-on again to tell y'all that I just ventured out for the first time since Friday morning. I went to 7-Eleven on Barnum Avenue for cigarettes and another gallon of milk. It's not that far of a drive... only a couple blocks so I was brave enough to make the trip. My street, directly in front of my house heading south to the Route 108/Route 1 intersection is clear to the black-top, it's just wet with some slushy spots. Route 1 south, heading to 7-Eleven, is passable but it's not that great. It's packed with snow but, if you go slow and pay attention to what you're doing, you can get through.
     After leaving 7-Eleven I headed home again... but I decided to try heading north up Route 108 for a ways to see how bad it was. It's passable right now... but keep in mind it's Sunday afternoon, not 7:30am during rush-hour. In most areas it's only one lane because there are so many cars buried on both sides of the road. In light traffic, like today, it took me almost a half our to make it as far as the Route 8 entry ramp down by Hawley Lane. Tomorrow morning, come rush-hour, when heavy traffic is heading north and south at the same time it'll be damn near impossible to get through. I'll have to leave for work at 6:00am, LOL. Wonderful.
     I also happened to notice that none of the side streets off of Route 108 have been touched yet. Nothing. At all. They are completely buried with mounds of snow from the plows going by. All those people, living on all those side streets, won't be going out anywhere for days. They have no chance at all.
     I didn't actually get onto Route 8. I didn't dare. But I went over the bridge that crosses Route 8 and tried to peek over the gigantic snow-bank to see what the highway looked like. What little I could see didn't look too bad. I did see some black-top but that's not saying much. Thankfully, once I'm on the highway in the morning, I only have to go up one exit. There's no telling how bad it'll be on Huntington Road and Bridgeport Avenue though. And that's only if exit 11 has been plowed. Who knows?!?!
     I made a U-turn and headed back to my house. Pulling into the driveway wasn't a problem but parking was. At first I tried to back in. Nope, no good. There's way too much snow/ice out there. My tires just kept spinning. I had to drive further into the yard, do a 3-point turn, then drive into my spot. Ugh. Having to do that for the next week or two is going to be a major pain in the ass. And since the sidewalk and walk-ways around the house haven't been touched yet I had to use the back stairs instead of the front ones like I usually do. Which means, when I get home from work every day, I'll have to tip toe through all the snow/ice across the entire yard, climb the stairs to my apartment to get in... then I'll have to go down and up the front stairs to get the friggin' mail. That's if we even get mail, LOL. I have no idea how the mailman is going to deliver to all of us. He's gonna have to climb over all the snowbanks at each house because NO sidewalks have been cleared yet.
     After experiencing how "tight" it is to maneuver cars around in the yard, I found the number for the landlord's plowing crew and gave him a call. He said he was going to try to come back today but he wasn't sure if he'd make it or not. It'll be today or tomorrow. Then he asked, "Why? What's up?" and my first reaction was, "Really, Dude??? You don't know???" So I explained about the sidewalks, the walk ways and the dumpster. Then I started asking him how other roads were. He said Route 8 is still mostly covered with snow but just going as far as exit 11 should be OK. Then I asked if he'd been on Bridgeport Avenue yet, in Shelton, and he said it's "clear." I don't know, exactly, what his definition of "clear" is but that's better than nothing, I guess.
     The car that was abandoned Friday night at the intersection of 108 and Route 1 is finally gone. When I went to 7-Eleven they were digging it out... and by the time I got back home it was gone. Along 108 though, heading north up to route 8, I counted six other cars that were abandoned as well, just sitting there, right in the middle of the road. Those also won't help the morning commute. I don't know what I'm gonna do. It's a complete mess out there. Good grief!!!

ENTRY # 345
DATE:  02/10/13 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  After the Blizzard...

     It's 9:00am, Sunday morning and the landlord's plowing crew haven't been back yet. Hopefully they'll come back sometime today and do a lot more clearing around here. The car that was abandoned at the Route 108/Route 1 intersection Friday night is still sitting there. I can't believe they haven't managed to tow it out'a there yet.
     A bucket-loader was out there this morning working on my street, trying to widen it out, so that's good. Right behind it there were two snow plows sitting at the corner waiting to follow it up the street. I hope they do the whole way up to Route 8 so I can get to work tomorrow morning. Right now, though, it's not looking to good. Interstate 95, in Stratford, is basically still untouched. Every time they show it on the news it looks the same -- white all the way across, with cars and 18-wheelers just sitting there, completely abandoned. I have no idea what Route 8 looks like. The only traffic cams they have for Route 8 are way up in the Waterbury area which doesn't help me at all. I need to see the Stratford/Shelton area. I can use either exit 11, 12, or 13 to get to Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton.... but, right now, I have no clue if any of those are passable or not.
     I did create a new photo page with all the blizzard pictures I took. It's up and running so here's a link to that in case you wanna check it out:

Winter Storm Nemo: February 8th - 9th, 2013 Blizzard

     One thing in our favor today is the weather. It's cold but at least the sun is shining. That ought to help, a least a little bit. If the sun beats down on the streets that have been cleared maybe we'll actually get to see some black-top by the end of the day.
     Oh, one other thing... there's no way in hell I'm driving all the way to Wilton for that Trollbeads Trunk Show. Discount or not, it's just not worth it, LOL.

ENTRY # 344
DATE:  02/09/13 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Digging Out After the Blizzard...

     Good grief. I've been outside since 8:30am cleaning off the car and shoveling for almost SEVEN hours. This is crazy! It's 4:30pm now and I'm exhausted. I'm done for today, I guess. I have to let my gloves, jacket and boots dry out before I attempt going out again. Thankfully, though, I wasn't alone. My neighbors, who live on the second floor (directly below my apartment), came out to help me. Once my car was done, we worked on cleaning off theirs as well. Then the major shoveling began. We actually cleared a car-wide path through the entire yard leading to the street so we can, at least, get in and out if we need too.
     I haven't attempted to go anywhere yet and I don't plan too until it's time to head to work on Monday morning. I can't believe the amount of snow we got... 30 inches in Bridgeport, 19 inches in Darien, 38 inches in Milford, 22 inches in New Canaan, 36 inches in Oxford, 33 inches in Stratford, 26 inches in Woodbridge. It's unbelievable. Nemo was definitely worse than the 1978 blizzard, no question.
     After doing all that shoveling of course, twenty minutes after we were done, my landlord's crew finally showed up to plow. They pushed some snow around with the plow on the front of their pick-up truck, then left. About ten minutes later they were back with a small Snow-Cat bucket loader to push more snow around. Then they left again and haven't been back since. I sure hope they show up sometime tomorrow to do more 'cause the yard is still a mess. The sidewalk still needs to be dug out and so does the walkway leading to the front porch. And the dumpster is completely buried. Even if we could get to it there's no way to open it 'cause it's got three feet of snow on top of it.
     Oh, and my street is a total nightmare. During all our shoveling today we only saw two plows go by. A big bucket-loader went by early this morning but he wasn't clearing snow. He just cruised on by the house and up the street he went. And at the Route 108/Route 1 intersection some jerk got stuck sometime last night and their car is still sitting there now, right in the middle of the intersection. What an idiot. Why were they out driving around in this shit anyway???
     I did manage to get some photos during and after the storm. Most of them were taken during the digging out process. Sometime tomorrow I'll upload them all and create a new photo page.
     I'm done for today... with everything. I'm gonna have something to eat then I'm goin' to bed.... Buh-bye.

ENTRY # 343
DATE:  02/08/13 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  Blizzard/Winter Storm Nemo...

     Well... the storm has begun. Storm "Nemo" they've named this one. They're comparing it to the blizzard of 1978 which, if y'all remember, was a pretty major storm. I was only eight years old then so I don't really remember much of it other than playing outside in the aftermath, building igloos, making a snowman and digging tunnels and caves throughout the back yard. Now that I'm 43, my outlook is a bit different.... now my train of thought is centered around coastal flooding, trees falling, power outages, roads closing, digging out my car and just staying home waiting for the whole damn thing to pass.
     All day long yesterday, at work, I kept saying, "I hope it snows like hell 'cause I want a snow day. I need a day off. I don't wanna have to come to work. I want a long weekend. I need a snow day!!!" Well, I woke up this morning and looked out the window. It was 6:30am. Nothing. Not one snowflake in sight. So I proceeded to get ready for work like any other day. At 7:00am, I glanced out the window again. Still nothing. So I got dressed, fed the cats, made my coffee and left my house at 7:30am. As soon as I opened my front door and stepped outside I could barely see across the street 'cause the snow was coming down so hard. It went from nothing to blizzard in less than thirty minutes. I cleaned off the car, got in, and turned my cell phone on, hoping my boss would call to tell me to stay home. By 7:45 the radio was saying that every school state-wide had already closed but my phone hadn't rung yet. What the hell??? I knew our graphic designer wouldn't be in 'cause her kids were home from school. I knew our pressman wouldn't be in 'cause he only works part time anyway. Why hadn't my boss called me yet to stay home? Why was I the only one expected to come to work? I was getting a little annoyed to say the least.
     I stopped at the gas station, filled my tank and headed to work. Five minutes later the snow was coming down so hard and fast the highway (Route 8) and Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton were already covered so I made the decision myself -- "Screw this, I'm going home." I called my boss to see what his plans were. He said that he had overslept and hadn't even looked out the window yet. Then he says, "Where are you?" so I told him I was already on Bridgeport Avenue but that I was going to turn around and head home 'cause the radio (WEBE 108) was saying to expect 1 to 3 inches an hour. He's notorious for busting my balls so he says, "OK, be a baby if you want. Just go home, that's fine." Ha, ha, ha. He's such a kidder, LOL. Y'know, it would've been nice if I could've slept in too, dammit!!!
     On the way home I stopped at Walgreens for a couple boxes of cereal, milk and cigarettes. I was in the store for only about 10 minutes but by the time I made it outside I had to clean the car off... again. I was home and back in my pajamas by 8:30. I've been watching the Weather Channel and News12-CT ever since. This is definitely going to be a storm that's remembered for a long time, from the sound of it. Even here in south-western CT they're expecting almost two feet, possibly over 3 in some areas of the state. LOL, and like an idiot I actually headed off to work this morning. Unbelievable. Oh well... at least I'm home now.
     During the last two years I've become an expert at preparing for storms. Thanks to Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy and now Nemo "storm preparation" has become second nature. I have plenty of water in the house, my car's tank is full of gas, the cats have plenty of food, and I have my flashlights and candles out on the kitchen table in case we lose power. I also charged up my cell phone and MP3 player. And depending on how bad the flooding is - if there is any - I might even fill the bath tub with water (just in case) but it's still a little too early for that. I just bagged up all my trash and lugged it downstairs to the dumpster too 'cause, later on, once the dumpster's got two feet of snow on top of it I won't be able to lift the lid, LOL.
     It's suppose to snow straight through 'til sometime tomorrow afternoon. I'm thrilled about getting my Snow Day but I must admit I am a little bummed out about the Trollbeads Trunk Show I had planned on going to this weekend in Wilton. It's from today until Sunday... and I don't know if I'll be able to make it now 'cause of this storm. I definitely won't be going today that's for sure... and tomorrow is most likely out of the question. Maybe Sunday, depending on how the roads are. We'll see.
     As I sit here typing this, I just heard a snow plow go by the house. I just got up and looked out the window and it wasn't just one plow. It was three, LOL. There's no need for that yet, I don't think. My street doesn't look too bad right now... but later on tonight is when it's gonna get really bad. It's 10:00am and I just took some pictures from my apartment window. I'll take more pictures every couple of hours to show the accumulation. Sometime tomorrow, as long as we still have power, I'll create a new photo-page documenting Storm Nemo! But, until then, I think I'm just gonna snuggle up underneath a fluffy blanket on the couch with a cat and a good book. I'm currently reading "Roots" by Alex Haley. I've never read it before nor have I seen the movie. I'm half-way through it. The subject matter is tough but it IS a great book...
     Ciao for now.

ENTRY # 342
DATE:  02/05/13 (Tuesday)
SUBJECT:  The Next Beads I Want to Buy...

     I think I've finally made my decision regarding which beads I want to get next for my Trollbeads bracelet. Notice I said "beads," as in plural, LOL. Apparently my "one-bead-a-month" plan went right out the window!!! ;-) Oh well. That's no surprise, right? Anyway, since I'm a major coffee drinker, the beads I'm after first are called "Mocha" and "Coffee Mug." Here's what they look like...


     Cute, eh? They're each 28 dollars so that's not too bad. I should be able to squeeze 56 bucks out of my budget this month. And, actually, I have a friend down in Wilton who is now selling Trollbeads in his store and he said he'd give me a discount so maybe it won't even cost me the 56. They're having their first Trunk Show this weekend for Valentine's Day and they're advertising "Buy 3 beads, Get the 4th for Free." Hmmm... I think I may be in trouble. ;-) Depending on how good the discount is I might come home with 4 beads. Not sure yet.
     He's already working on a "Special Order" bead for me too, but I honestly don't know if he'll be able to locate one for me or not. It's from the "World Tour" collection. The World Tour beads were produced and sold only to the countries they were made for. The bead I want is from Africa. It's called "African Pride" and it's the head of a male lion with his mouth wide open as if he's in mid-roar. I have to have this bead!!! It reminds me of some of the masks used in the theater production of "The Lion King" on Broadway.
     I love "The Lion King" and have loved it for years.... the movie, the soundtrack, the stuffed animals, the cartoons, the Broadway production. LOVE IT!!! I have to have this bead!!! But, so far, it's been a challenge to find one because it's part of the damn World Tour collection.
     All the World Tour beads were eventually released in the United States but as "Limited Editions" only... so it's while "supplies last." Once they're gone, they're gone for good. I haven't seen any in an actual store yet... but I have tracked down two online. One is for 89 dollars, plus shipping. The other one is 68 dollars, free shipping... but I have to wait and see if my friend can order one directly from Trollbeads or not before I commit to one of the ones I've found on my own. Plus I have to wait 'til next month when my budget has a little more wiggle room. Either way - one way or the other - I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BEAD. It's a beauty! Check it out...


     It's the number one item on my Trollbeads wish list right now. I just hope I'll still be able to find it if my friend can't. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!
     I haven't even worn this bracelet yet... and I really don't want to. Since I only own the "starter" set so far it looks kind'a stupid. I've gotta get some beads on this bracelet so I can start wearing the damn thing, LOL!!!

ENTRY # 341
DATE:  01/26/13 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Trollbeads...

     OK, here's the deal... I found something new to collect. I'm now into Trollbeads... as in beads for bracelets and necklaces. Although I'll probably never do a necklace 'cause it would cost a fortune. BUT, I have decided to attempt collecting enough beads to complete at least TWO bracelets. One bracelet I want to create with an animal theme... which will be all beads that relate to the pets/animals in my life. The other bracelet I want to do is, what I now refer to as, the "Me" bracelet, which will include beads that incorporate my hobbies, interests and personal information such as my initials, my birthstone, astrological sign and stuff like that.
     I went out to Pottery Plus today in Orange with Adrienne and bought my "starter" bracelet. The starter set consists of one glass bead, the Lucky Knot sterling silver bead, the sterling silver bracelet itself and the clasp (which is sold separately). I then purchased a second Lucky Knot bead (to balance it out) and a sterling silver stopper to keep the beads from falling off when you want to add more to it. My total purchase came to $157.00. Good grief. Why is it everything I like and/or enjoy has to cost me a small fortune??? By the time I fill both the bracelets with the beads I want it'll be a thousand dollars worth of beads, LOL Oy!!!
     Anyway, since the starter bracelet I chose came with a dark purple glass bead, I decided this one will be the "Me" bracelet. Once this one is full I'll start on the animal-related one. And since I went with Troll for the bracelet that means I can also buy Pandora and Chamilia beads too since all three brands of beads will fit. Cool!!!
     Here's what I have so far...


     As I buy more beads I'll either add the photos here or I'll create a new page so y'all can see how the bracelet is coming together. And - in case you're wondering - NO, I won't be buying any beads that have gold in/on them. Those are really expensive. Thankfully the sterling silver stuff is kind'a cheap. For example the "Lucky Knot" bead in silver is only 28 dollars. However, that exact same bead in gold is 571 dollars. OUCH!!! So, um, sterling silver it is, LOL!!!
     I already have lists of Troll/Pandora/Chamilia beads I'm interested in written down in the notebook I carry in my purse. The hard part is going to be deciding what I'm gonna buy next. I have no idea yet. It'll depend on what my budget is like, I guess. I'm going to try to limit myself to ONE bead a month, no more than that! Wish me luck!!!

ENTRY # 340
DATE:  01/19/13 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Still No Word from Jen...

     Well... it's obvious.... Jen totally forgot my birthday, although, I don't know how that's possible. I mean, seriously, after being friends with someone for 30 years, I think it's kind'a impossible to "forget" their birthday, isn't it??? As far as I'm concerned Jen's birthday is synonymous with September 11th. When I think of September 11th, the first thing I think is "Jen's birthday." And the same goes with Adrienne. When I hear, or write, or see June 11th on the calendar, I automatically think of Adrienne. My Mom, Dad, Step-dad, my Step-brother, Adrienne's mom, dad, and sister - all of them - I automatically think of all of them when I see or hear the dates on which their birthdays fall. Even Cindy. I haven't hung out with Cindy in 25 years and I still remember that her birthday is January 31rst. Apparently, though, Jennifer doesn't think the same way I do. Or she just doesn't give a shit. It's been a week since my birthday and still no word from her at all.
     Adrienne took me out for breakfast and got me a present. She gave me Rick Springfield's book, "Late, Late at Night." My Mom called from Massachusetts, my Dad called from New Hampshire, my Uncle Wally called from Washington state, my Aunt June emailed from Maine, and my "sister" Ana emailed from Mexico. But nothing from Jen, who lives right up the road. Nice...
     I don't know what the problem is. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I don't want to think she doesn't care. Maybe it wasn't an intentional thing. Maybe she's just been too busy. Maybe she's just too stressed out and it, innocently, slipped her mind. Maybe she's mad at me, maybe she's not. Maybe Cindy has replaced me. Maybe I'm completely blowing this out of proportion. I dunno...
     There's really nothing I can do about it other than wait and see. I'll wait a couple of weeks and, if I still don't hear from her, then I'll call her just like normal, just to say "Hi," to see how she's doing.
     I wish I could say this isn't bothering me but, obviously, it is or I wouldn't still be talking about it. I went through this twenty years ago with another friend, Melissa, who turned out to be NOT the friend I thought she was. She was just masquerading as a friend, according to her, because she wanted to be popular... and after that we never saw each other, or spoke, ever again. After investing 30+ years with Jennifer, I don't want to lose her too. That would totally suck... :-(

ENTRY # 339
DATE:  01/16/13 (Wednesday)
SUBJECT:  Rigby & Sabrina Photos!!!

     As promised, here's a couple links for the photo pages I put up of "The Girls," Rigby and Sabrina, my new kitties....

Rigby's Photos

Sabrina's Photos


ENTRY # 338
DATE:  01/13/13 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  It's Been Almost FIVE YEARS Since My Last Entry!!!

     Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.... it's been almost FIVE YEARS since my last blog entry. Damn, time sure does fly! I'm sure that, after all this time, all my regular readers have totally abandoned this site. I can't imagine they'd keep checking back this long to see if something new has been posted... so, maybe, if I start writing again I'll get some NEW readers. And, who knows, maybe the old readers will find their way back here someday. We'll see.
     Anyway... here's a list of SOME of the things that have happened since the last time we "spoke," LOL...
     ITEM #1:   I finally managed to get away from "The Septage Sucker." Remember him??? The guy with horrible breath??? LOL. Anyway, back in July of 2008 I got a new job. It's another printing company so I'm doing the exact same work but, THANKFULLY, my new boss and co-workers are fantastic. Even after almost five years at this "new" place I'm VERY happy!!! Although, I'm still adjusting to the work load. This is the busiest printing company I've ever worked for. And, in all honesty, it's the reason this Blog has been ignored for so long. By the time I get home from work I'm exhausted and just can't sit at this computer to write "Daily Dish" entries. Hell, I hardly even check my email anymore, LOL. I'm online only about twice a month now. I check mail, update my Book List, then I check my bank account and that's about it. After that I eat dinner and, usually, I'm asleep on the couch by 8:30 every night. What a life, huh?
     ITEM #2   Back in February 2009 I bought another new car. It's the one I'm currently driving today. It's another Kia Spectra EX like the last car I had but this one is silver. I ended up purchasing the floor model they had on display in the showroom. After owning it for almost 4 years I'm pretty satisfied with it. So far - knock on wood - nothing has gone wrong with this one. I really like the color of it too. Silver rocks 'cause you can't tell how dirty it is, LOL!!! At least now I don't have to worry about washing it every twenty minutes like I did with that horrible BLACK car! ;-)
     ITEM #3   2009 is also the year I began a new hobby. I am now a "Scrapbookaholic." For the last 4 years I've spent a small fortune on scrapbooking supplies. My new favorite stores are "Wiggles & Giggles" in Wethersfield, "New England Scrapbook Company" in Canton, "Papercraft Clubhouse" in Westbrook, and "The Great American Stamp Company" in Westport. I've been to "Inspiration Station" in Stafford Springs too.... it's a great store but just too damn far away to visit frequently. I'm also at "Michael's Crafts," "JoAnn Fabrics," and "A.C. Moores" constantly, LOL. It's a very addicting hobby.
     It all began because of my cat, Sweety Face. Back then, she was 16 (going on 17) years old... and I knew that, most likely, she wouldn't be around much longer. I figured if I had five more years with her I'd be lucky. I also knew that when the time came to put her to sleep I'd need something to help ease the inevitable pain I'd go through. So I gathered all my photos of her - 35mm and digital - and put them all in chronological order. In doing so, I realized I had very few photos of her and I together so I dug out my old tripod and started taking NEW photos of both of us posing for the camera. I ended up dealing with almost 700 photographs.
     Sweety Face's book has been finished now for about two years... and I'm currently working on a new book that includes ALL the pets/animal-friends I've had throughout my lifetime. I also have a separate book planned that's going to be nothing but horses... and yet another book planned that's going to cover my vacation with my Dad to Washington, DC back in the mid-80s. And I'm currently working on a scrapbook for my NEW furry friends (which you'll read about in a few minutes).
     Scrapbooking is a fantastic hobby for me. It's really helped me to maintain my sanity. Since I'm so busy at work, doing 17 things at the same time, I'm constantly being pulled in numerous directions. The scrapbooking gives me an opportunity for some quiet time to actually focus on ONE thing. It's like "defragmentation" of the mind, LOL. I love it!!!
     ITEM #4:   Back in April of 2010 my landlord had a new roof put on this house. Since I live on the third floor the "roofing crew" was working directly over my head. Oh. My. God. For a week straight I was forced to listen to CONSTANT hammering, pounding, scraping and stomping around up there!!! Thank God I work during the day. At least that got me out'a here for eight hours each day, away from all the noise and vibrating walls!!!
     ITEM #5:   Back in July of 2010 my life took a drastic turn. My beloved kitty, Sweety Face, was put to sleep. I came home from work one day and, as soon as I saw her, I knew the time had come for our last Vet visit. At some point, after I left for work that day, she suffered a stroke. By the time I got home that evening she was still alive but had no control of her bodily functions. She couldn't even stand up by herself. I called the Vet's office immediately to let them know I'd be there in two minutes. Luckily their office is right across the street from my house. I scooped her into my arms, got her into the kitty-carrier, and off we went. An hour later, after a very emotional conversation with both the Doctors that were on call at the time, I returned home. Alone.
     There are no words to describe the misery I experienced for the next six months so I won't even try to attempt it here. I will say this though.... I still miss her and think of her every day. For those of you out there that have lost a pet, a friend, a companion... you know exactly what I'm talking about, I'm sure. I do have the beautiful scrapbook full of hundreds of photos of her that did help ease the pain immensely. And her photo pages on this site will remain up... although, since her death, those pages have been converted into a Memorial.
     I had her cremated... so I picked up her ashes on July 21rst and brought her home where she belongs. Her little tin/urn now sits on a small bookcase in the living room where I can see her and talk to her if I need to.
     ITEM #6:   In January of 2011 I couldn't take living in a "petless" home any longer. The previous six months was the longest period - in my entire life - that I didn't have an animal of some sort living with me. Plus, since nothing else was working, I figured maybe having a new baby around would help mend my broken heart.... so I started browsing through a ton of "adoption" sites, "shelter" sites and "breeder" sites trying to figure out what kind of cat I wanted. All I knew, for sure, was that I wanted a female and that she'd have to be completely different from Sweety Face.
     Eventually, I found a site that offered pure-bred British Shorthair kittens for sale.... and after viewing all the photos my mind was made up. I contacted the breeder and four months later my new baby was born on April 4th. I had pick of the litter!!! Her Mom's name is "Foxie Roxie" and her Dad's name is "Sir Paul McCartney." After visiting her once a week (from birth) - for 8 weeks straight - on Memorial Day weekend I finally came home with an absolutely adorable lilac British Shorthair kitten named "Eleanor Rigby" (after the Beatles' song of the same name). Even though I'm not a Beatles fan I thought referencing her father's name would be fun... plus "Rigby" is a great cat name, don't ya think? LOL. I'll post a link with some of her baby pics later on.
     ITEM #7:   In May of 2011 my Great-Aunt Jean passed away. She was 93 years old. Her funeral was on May 14th... and then the entire family gathered at a restaurant that evening for dinner in her honor. It was a sad occasion but it was nice to see everyone again. I haven't attended the last few family reunions so it had been some time since I had seen my uncle, aunt and all the cousins. One thing I regret though.... I owed her a letter and, unfortunately, she passed away before I was able to write it. She used to LOVE reading my letters. I WISH I had taken the time to write that last one.... now it's too late. :-(
     ITEM #8:   On July 31, 2011 I came home with another British Shorthair. This one I adopted. She'll be six years old in June and her name is Sabrina. She came from the same breeder as Rigby. Sabrina was used for breeding but her last two litters were difficult so the breeder decided to spay her. Once she was spayed, the breeder then decided to put her up for adoption. During one of Rigby's visits back to the Vet's office for her kitten shots (the breeder is also a Veterinarian), she introduced me to Sabrina and asked if I'd be interested in adopting her. I thought about it for a week.... then went back to bring her home!!! Now I have two little girls running around this apartment keeping me company.
     The first six weeks Sabrina was here were awful. The poor thing was terrified of me, terrified of Rigby, and terrified of her new apartment. All she did was hide. She was either under the bed or behind the toilet the entire time. I had plates of food and bowls of water all over the place for her. It took almost 2 months before she even allowed me to touch her. But after awhile she settled in, made friends with Ribgy and finally decided that I wasn't a threat and became friends with me too. Today she's a lover!!! She follows me from room to room and snuggles on the couch with me, practically begging for affection. She's a good girl... and now the three of us are a big, happy family!
     ITEM #9:   The middle of 2011 into the beginning of 2012 was a difficult time. All three of my parents were sick. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And my step-father was diagnosed with what we, at first, thought was lung cancer. Jesus Christ.... all three of them. At the same time!!!
     I'm not gonna go into ALL the details here.... I honestly just don't want to relive the horrible thoughts going through my mind during those few months. But I do feel it's important to mention how they're all doing today. My mom, after having a mastectomy, is cancer free. My dad, after 44 radiation treatments, is now cancer free. And my step-father ended up not having cancer after all. The mass that was found in his lung was later identified by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) as some sort of "fungus" so he's cancer free also! After all that all I can say now is, "Thank God," and "Amen!!!"
     ITEM #10:   In 2011 I became addicted to the TV show "NCIS." I really don't remember how it happened. I just started watching it one afternoon during a USA Network marathon and couldn't stop watching. I now own all nine seasons on DVD... and every Tuesday night, between 8 and 9pm, don't dare call my house 'cause I won't answer the phone. For that one hour I'll be hangin' out with Gibbs, McGee, DiNozzo, Ziva, Abby, Ducky, Palmer and Director Vance! Great show!!! :-)
     ITEM #11:   Two of my best friends, Jennifer & Mark, have been going through some tough times lately. Due to some financial trouble a few years ago they lost their house and had to move into a smaller apartment (in December 2009). Shortly after they moved in, the apartment was broken into and they were robbed. Next their Kia van got stolen and then Mark was in an accident with their other car, leaving them with no vehicle at all. Then someone managed to hack into their bank account. Eventually, Jen was finally able to buy a new car which she just totaled on Route 8 three months ago (Oct. 2011). The damn thing was only about two years old. It's just been one bad thing after another!!!
     During all of that, Jen's mom (whom I've called "Ma" since I was twelve) was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer which spread rather rapidly, forcing Ma to move in with her other daughter, Karolyn, and her family. Jen and Mark, since then, have recently separated... Mark is living in Stratford somewhere and Jen & Zack moved [again] into Ma's trailer. Jen and her sister, Karolyn, are now not speaking to each other at all... and the worst part of all this is Ma lost her long battle with cancer on August 3, 2012.
     So, really, Jen's life has been turned upside down. The last time I talked to her was on November 13th. I called her after I got home from work - as soon as I realized what the date meant - just to see how she was doing. (The 13th was Ma's birthday.) From what I could tell, over the phone, Jen's doing pretty good. She said she has good days and bad. She's a trooper though. She managed to get through it all without having a mental breakdown. Honestly, if it was me, I don't think I could say the same. But she's a strong woman... and I'm proud of her.
     The last time I actually saw her was during Ma's funeral back in August... and before that, it's been a couple years since we've actually spent any time together. I miss hanging out with her. She's been so busy with her other friend, Cindy (who I've also known since childhood), I kind'a feel like she doesn't want to bother with me anymore. I mean, damn... yesterday was my birthday and I never heard a word from her. Nothing. At all. No card. No phone call. No message on my answering machine. No voice-mail on my cell phone. No email. NOTHING. I didn't hear from her through the holidays either. Not a word.
     And, actually, now that I think of it... she didn't even call me when Ma died. I found out about Ma's passing from my friend, Steve... he saw it on Facebook and HE told me so I called her that evening. Jen knows I'm not on Facebook so, obviously, she knows I wouldn't have seen her posting. I can't imagine why she didn't call me. We've been best friends for 30 (+/-) years. Wouldn't you call your "best friend" to let her know your Mom died??? And then, to make it even worse, I found out during the funeral that Cindy went to the hospital with Jen the night Ma died. Jen called Cindy, not me. I was floored by that. I just couldn't believe it. I'm the one that's been by Jen's side all these years. I'm the one that grew up calling her mother "Ma." I'm the one that lives 10 minutes from Jen. I'm the one that lives 10 minutes from the hospital. I'm the one that knew Ma and loved her. I'm the one that should've been allowed to say goodbye. I can't believe she called Cindy instead of me. Cindy barely knew the woman. What the hell?!?! That really hurt.
     Oh, and when MY Mom had some medical issues (which you'll read about shortly) Jen never called to check up on me or my mother. I told her everything during the phone call on Nov. 13th. She said she'd call in a few weeks to see how everything went but, nope, not a word from her then, or since. That doesn't seem right either. So, I don't know what's going on ... I don't know if she's pissed at me or what. If she is I have NO IDEA why. I keep wracking my brain to figure out what's happened. I don't know if it was something I said, or something I didn't say. I don't know if it was something I did, or maybe something I didn't do and should've. I have no idea. All I know is it's "Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, Cindy," and I don't exist anymore. That's fucked up!!!
     ITEM #12:   Back in August of 2012 I went on my first-ever RV trip with my friend Macy (an old customer of mine from my Speedy Printing days in New Haven). She called me up one day and asked if I'd be interested in going out to the Lake Erie Fair in western NY. Her and her husband, Bob, raise Llamas and she wanted to check out the Llama Show at the Fair. They were thinking about buying a couple more studs to use for breeding at their own farm.... and she thought, since I have some experience with horses, I might be able to help her with loading/unloading any new Llamas she might buy since her husband wasn't able to accompany her on this particular trip. Which means we'd be towing a horse-trailer behind the RV all the way out there and back. Oh boy!!!
     LOL, I know absolutely nothing about Llamas, other than their spitting habits, but - since I do love animals - I was game! This is also a good time to mention here that I know nothing about driving an RV, and even less about towing a friggin' horse-trailer. But, hey, there's a first time for everything right? It was like learning to swim the moment someone throws you into the pool!!!
     After working all day on August 10th, I went home and immediately went to bed. The Llama Show was at 9:00am Saturday morning (the 11th) and our plan was to get on the road at midnight, drive through the night, attend the show at 9am, then spend the rest of the weekend exploring the Fair... and then head home on Sunday afternoon so we could both go back to work Monday morning, LOL. Good grief. I think I'm gettin' too old for this shit!
     I drove from here as far as Utica (while she slept) 'cause those are the roads I'm familiar with. Then she took over the rest of the driving while I crawled in back and went to sleep. She told me that it should take about six or seven hours each way, so... a 12 to 14 hour round trip. Turns out her figuring was a bit "off," due to the horse-trailer's weight. It took us eight and a half hours to get out there. We pulled into the RV camp-site at the Fair at 8:30am, only a half-hour before the show was to start. Talk about cuttin' it close! We ate some Pop Tarts for breakfast, hit the bath room, then headed right over to the livestock "Show" arena.
     While we were walking past a couple of the barns, I almost fainted. I thought I spotted an old friend that I hadn't seen in years but I wasn't able to get a good enough look at him; there were too many people in the way. Macy saw my face and wanted to know why I had turned GRAY all of a sudden. All I could say was, "That guy over there, I think I know him, I think that's... " By the time she asked, "Who? Where? Go and see," he was gone, lost in the crowd, so I just said, "Never mind. Old ghosts, is all. He's gone anyway, I lost him."
     Anyway, the Llama show turned out to be pretty cool. They are gorgeous animals, though I think I still prefer their smaller cousins, the Alpacas. About half way through the show, we got a phone call from Bob informing us Macy's mother was rushed to the hospital; she had a mild stroke. So, instead of staying the rest of the weekend, as soon as the Llama show was over, we hoofed it back to the RV and headed back to CT.
     For the first hour of our trip home, I sat silently, thinking about the man I saw at the Fair. I hadn't seen him in ten years so I couldn't be sure if it was really him or not. What were the chances? Finally, Macy turned off the radio, looked over at me and said, "OK, Dove, what's up with you? Who is he?"
     I just shook my head and said, "I dunno... a good friend... or used to be, anyway. It's a long story, Mace..."
     "That's OK," she said, "it's a long trip."
     "His name's Marcel..." And that's when I started to cry.
     And it is, in fact, a very long story. Maybe I'll share it here someday, maybe not. We'll see. Moving on...
     ITEM #13:   Back in September 2012, my Mom had a CT Scan done which showed "something" on the pituitary gland in her brain. An MRI a few weeks later confirmed it was a tumor. Automatically, we all thought the worst -- cancer! For the next two months she had numerous doctors appointments.... and finally, on Friday, November 30th, she had surgery to remove the damn thing, whatever it was. The doctors were extremely pleased with how the surgery went. It was very successful... they "got it all" and it was benign!!! By the time I got to the hospital that evening she was already sitting up in bed, wide awake, sipping on some Ginger Ale, chatting away with her girlfriend, RJ. She came home from the hospital 3 days later and she's doing very well now!!!
     ITEM #14:   On December 27th (two weeks ago), my Mom suffered another major blow. Her horse, Nuggett, had to be put down. She owned him for well over 30 years.
     For the last two years of his life things were kind'a touch and go with him. He'd get sick, then get better. Then he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and put on medication which seemed to help. Then he'd get sick again, then he'd recover again. I have a feeling he hung on as long as he did because he could sense things weren't right with my Mom's health. I think he knew she'd need him around for support, that he had to stand guard to make sure she was OK. After all the years of being pampered by my Mom, I think he felt it was now his duty to take care of her.
     Between the breast cancer and the brain tumor.... I dunno.... they say dogs and cats can "detect" cancer and even seizures in humans... I don't know what horses can detect but I imagine it's probably true with them as well. I think Nuggett knew there was something wrong with her so he made sure he was there to help her through it all, to help her heal. I think that once he "felt" she was OK, that she was safe after the brain surgery, he decided that his time had come. I think he knew they'd each done everything they could for each other, for as long as they could, and that he could die in peace knowing he was loved, and that she was loved in return.
     He was a good horse. Strong. Sure-footed. Affectionate. Trusting. Well mannered with a very easy-going temperament. Loyal. A friend. He'll be missed.
     ITEM #15:   After rereading some of the last few entries I wrote (all those years ago) I just realized that I never included a link to the photos I took during the Megan Mullally concert at the Zipper Factory in New York City. I actually created a page months ago and put the pictures up but that was it, LOL. What good is a new page if you don't know about it, right? Duh!!! Anyway, here's a link so you can see the pics:
Megan Mullally Concert Photos.
     ITEM #16:   Well, that's pretty much it for now. I think I covered the major happenings in my life during the last five years. I honestly don't know how often I'll write new entries here. Like I said earlier, I'm not online that much these days. But I will try to write again before the next five years are up.
     Ciao for now!

ENTRY # 337
DATE:  02/13/08 (Wednesday)
SUBJECT:  Got Snow???

     Woke up to three inches of snow on the ground this morning! Apparently, the snow is insulating the roof 'cause my bedroom was 50 degrees when I got out of bed. That's 10 whole degrees warmer than it was on Monday!
     And I just received another bill from the gas company today... it was only 28 dollars! LOL, I love it!

ENTRY # 336
DATE:  02/11/08 (Monday)
SUBJECT:  No Heat Yet!

     So it's almost the middle of February... and I haven't turned my heat on yet, LOL. It was 40 degrees in my bedroom when I woke up this morning!
     Yeah, I know, I admit it - I'm crazy... but I'm saving money! LOL, why spend 150 bucks (or more) a month on heat when I can just bundle up a little for free???
     Hmm... at this point - considering Winter is half over already - I probably won't bother turning the heat on at all this year. Dunno yet. I know I can take it but I honestly don't know if Sweety Face can... she's been sleeping under the blankets with me for the last two weeks!

ENTRY # 335
DATE:  02/06/08 (Wednesday)
SUBJECT:  The "Free Again!" CD...

     WOOHOOOOO!!! The CD was delivered today! I've already listened to it about a dozen times. It's been playing since I got home from work and it's almost 11:00pm now, LOL! It's terrific. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I can't wait to hear her sing these songs LIVE next month!!!
     The tracks are...

1. Up A Lazy River
2. Down By The River
3. St. James Infirmary
4. Wind And Rain
5. I Cannot Justify
6. Shakedown On 9th St.
7. Talk To Me
8. Awaiting You
9. For The Good Times
10. You Took Advantage Of Me
11. Ave Maria


ENTRY # 334
DATE:  02/05/08 (Tuesday)
SUBJECT:  Confirmation(s)!!!

     WOOHOOOOO!!! Just got two email confirmations. One is for the concert ticket, the other one is for the CD I ordered.
     I kind'a got a kick out'a the one for the CD. I thought it was pretty cool. After all the confirmation details, it went on to say....

     Your CDs have been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow.
     A team of 50 employees inspected your CDs and polished them to make sure they were in the best possible condition before mailing.
     Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over the crowd as he put your CDs into the finest gold-lined box that money can buy.
     We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party marched down the street to the post office where the entire town of Portland waved "Bon Voyage!" to your package, on its way to you, in our private CD Baby jet on this day, Tuesday, February 5th.
     I hope you had a wonderful time shopping at CD Baby. We sure did. Your picture is on our wall as "Customer of the Year." We're all exhausted but can't wait for you to come back to CDBABY.COM!!
     Thank you, thank you, thank you!
     I don't know about you but I thought that was really cute.

ENTRY # 333
DATE:  02/04/08 (Monday)
SUBJECT:  Megan Mullally & Supreme Music Program CONCERT PLANS...

     OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO excited right now!!!! I am FINALLY gonna see Megan Mullally in concert!!! Here's the story....
     I got to work a little early this morning so, to kill some time, I signed on to check my email. In doing so, I found a message from the Megan Mullally Discussion Forum I joined months ago regarding Megan and her band performing for "ONE NIGHT ONLY" at The Zipper Factory in New York City on March 24th. They're doing TWO concerts that evening, one at 9:30pm and one at 11:30pm. The message also went on to say that there are tickets available but they're going fast.
     Well, I gotta tell ya, I made a mad dash to the nearest calendar to see what day of the week March 24th is. I was, like, "Pleeeeeease let it be a Saturday, please let it be a Saturday, please, please, pleeeeeease!!!" My spirits were abruptly crushed when I discovered it's a Monday. A concert on a Monday? In New York City? There's no way I can go to that. I've gotta work on Monday... and, obviously, I have to work Tuesday too so a "late night out" on Monday doesn't work for me. God, I was so disappointed.
     As the day progressed, that concert was all I could think about. I signed on again to check Metro-North's train schedule. I knew getting to New York in time for the concert wasn't a problem. It was the "coming home" part I was concerned about. I figured if I could catch a train that would get me home by 2:00am (or earlier) I'd be all set. That's not too late for me. I could still function at work the next day. No problem. Hell, I usually go to bed between one and two anyway.
     Considering I have no idea how long the concert is going to be, it appears that I have two choices. If the 9:30 show lets out early enough and I'm able to catch the 11:22 train I'd be home by 12:51am. If I can't make that one, the next one is the 12:22 and I'd be home by 1:51am. Fine. That sounded OK to me so I printed out the train schedule and tucked it safely into my purse.
     But then, later on, I started thinking about the cost and that I really shouldn't spend the money -- the price of the concert ticket itself, maybe a T-shirt for a souvenir, the train tickets, dinner somewhere -- it's gonna be too expensive and blah, blah, blah... so I decided, nope, can't afford it. Can't go. Dammit!
     I was so bummed out. There's a good chance I won't be able to see her in "Young Frankenstein" on Broadway and now I'm gonna miss the friggin' concert too??? No! No way!! Absolutely not!!! I just can't accept that. I have to see her in ONE of them. There's no way I can miss out on both. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She's in New York. The majority of her public appearances are in California. I have to take advantage of the fact that she's actually in New York City, only an hour away. There's got to be a way I can work something out!
     On the drive home I was, like, "OK... what's my biggest obstacle?" That's easy... money. LOL, it's always money. Between Broadway and the Zipper Factory the concert is definitely the cheapest event for me to attend. Fine. Problem solved. Check!
     "What's the next obstacle?" Time. Again, making it to New York in time for the concert is no problem. It's the hour I'll be arriving back home that worries me. And WHY is that? Because I have to be able to function at work the next day. Hmmm... "OK," I said to myself, "let's see what I can do about that."
     I made a quick U-Turn and drove back to work. Thankfully, David (my boss) was still there. I burst in and said, "I wanna take a vacation day on Tuesday, March 25th. Any problems with that?" He said that would probably be OK, he'd let me know tomorrow. I said, "Cool. Bye," and left to head home... again, LOL. Now I don't care what time I get home 'cause I can sleep in the next morning.  ;-) Check!
     And the only other obstacle I could think of was the availability of the concert tickets. I was worried that it might have SOLD OUT already since the email that started this whole ordeal said that the tickets were "going fast." As soon as I got home I signed on immediately to check out the Zipper Factory's website. Ticket prices were $35.00 for "good" seats or $65.00 for "better" seats. At that point I was, like, "Y'only live once. I'm gettin' a $65.00 ticket if there's any left." Might as well, right? If I'm gonna see her, I wanna see her really well, so, yeah, I'm gettin' a "better" seat.
     After whippin' out my credit card and a few quick keystrokes, I am now the proud owner of a "Megan Mullally & Supreme Music Program" concert ticket! CHECK!
     And I gotta tell ya, I didn't get a "better" seat. I got a GREAT seat. Center Orchestra, fifth row, right on the aisle!!! In fact, here's exactly where I'll be sittin'....

The "X" marks the spot!!!

     Good grief! I am so excited! I can hardly sit still, LOL!!! This is gonna be awesome! I can NOT wait to get there! I'm finally gonna see her sing live! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! The only downfall is that I have to wait 49 days. It's gonna take forever for March 24th to get here!
     Aaaaaaand, since my credit card was still handy, I also purchased her new CD "Free Again." It was released a couple of months ago. I was gonna wait to buy it until after I recuperated from all the Christmas shopping..... but, since she'll be singing the songs from that CD during the concert, I couldn't put it off any longer. Had to have it! I even paid extra to have it shipped Fed-Ex Overnight. Since it's after 9:00pm right now, it won't ship out until tomorrow.... I'll have it on Wednesday. That's soon enough....
     Check!!! LOL.

ENTRY # 332
DATE:  02/01/08 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  It's Gonna Be a Busy Month!

     Good grief. I just glanced over at my calendar hangin' on the wall and it's covered with red Sharpie marker notations! It's the shortest month of the year... and it seems it's going to be the busiest month of the year. Ugh!

Feb. 3rd - Superbowl XLII (Patriots vs. Giants).
Feb. 7th - The landlord comes at 1:30pm to take measurements of all the windows in my apartment.
Feb. 11th - 8:00am doctor's appointment for my annual exam.
Feb. 12th - 12:30pm appointment for mammogram/ultrasound.
Feb. 20th - Fire Marshal inspection at 11:00am.
Feb. 23rd - H&R Block, 6:00pm
Feb. 28th - Norton AntiVirus expires; buy a new version.
     All this on top of working 40 hours a week, housework, grocery shopping, trips to the laundromat, dealing with Sweety Face's daily antics, and writing blog entries. Um... I honestly don't know if I'll be able to spend much time in front of the computer this month but I'm gonna try!
     Wish me luck!

ENTRY # 331
DATE:  01/27/08 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  The 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Winners!

And the "SAG Award" goes to....

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture -- No Country for Old Men

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role -- Daniel Day-Lewis

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role -- Julie Christie

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role -- Javier Bardem

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role -- Ruby Dee

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture -- The Bourne Ultimatum

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series -- James Gandolfini

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series -- Edie Falco

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series -- Alec Baldwin

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series -- Tina Fey

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series -- The Sopranos

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series -- The Office

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries -- Kevin Kline

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries -- Queen Latifah

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series -- 24

ENTRY # 330
DATE:  01/22/08 (Tuesday)
SUBJECT:  "Duma Key" by Stephen King Released Today!

     King's latest, Duma Key, hit the shelves today and I was at Barnes & Noble on my lunch hour to pick up my copy. The damn thing is 611 pages long and weighs about as much as a friggin' cinder block. Good Lord. There's no way I can cart this thing back n' forth to work everyday in my purse in order to read on my lunch. I'm gonna have to wait 'til it's released in paperback before I attempt to tackle this one.
     But, while I was there browsing, I did find something else that I can read NOW. They say never judge a book by it's cover. I, for one, think that's bullshit. There are times I purchase books simply because their covers are just too cool to pass up. The book I found today is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
     YOU SUCK (A Love Story). That sky-blue color. Those bright red, cartoon lips. The white fangs. And, most importantly, the title - YOU SUCK - made it impossible for me to walk by the shelf it was perched on without picking it up to check it out. This is the kind of cover that screams, "YOU GOTTA READ THIS! YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!" There was no way I could leave Barnes & Noble today without it. No way! And it's all because of the cover.
     It wasn't until I got the book home that I noticed who the author was. Christopher Moore. I read his book "Fluke" a year or two ago and absolutely loved it. The guy is hilarious! I was thrilled when I realized Moore was the author of YOU SUCK. I've already started it and it's a riot. It's a vampire Romance-Comedy-Drama-Mystery-Thriller... and, so far, there's a laugh-out-loud moment on every page! Hell, I was already grinning when I saw the first line:  "You bitch, you killed me! You suck!"
     OK, so maybe it's not the finest piece of literature ever penned but - ya gotta admit - a line like that does make a reader cock their head to the side and go, "Huh?" LOL!
     According to the "Also by Christopher Moore" list in the beginning of the book, he's got eight more titles I'm gonna have to buy one of these days. He's already grabbed my attention... and I'm sure after YOU SUCK I'll need to read more!
     Which is exactly what I intend to do right now...  Seeya!

ENTRY # 329
DATE:  01/16/08 (Wednesday)
SUBJECT:  Quote, Unquote - Cher...

     "I don't need a man. But I'm happier with one. I like to have someone I can touch and squeeze and kiss. But I don't fold up and die if I don't have a man around."

     "Men should be like Kleenex -- soft, strong and disposable."

     "The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing - and then marry him."

     "A girl can wait for the right man to come along but, in the meantime, that doesn't mean she can't have a wonderful time with all the wrong ones."

     "Words are like weapons; they wound you sometimes."

     "I'm scared to death of being poor. It's like a fat girl who loses 500 pounds but is always fat inside. I grew up poor and will always feel poor inside. It's my pet paranoia."

     "I won't be able to do what I'm doing forever. There aren't that many scripts floating around for fifty-year-old chicks."

     "Hate crimes are the scariest thing in the world because these people really believe what they're doing is right."

     "I think that the longer I look good, the better gay men feel."

ENTRY # 328
DATE:  01/12/08 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  My 38th Birthday!

     Had a busy birthday today!
     My Mom showed up at 8:30am this morning for a visit. She stayed long enough for lunch then hit the road in order to get home before dark.
     Adrienne came over too, shortly after my Mom left. She stayed for a couple hours. She brought her bootleg DVD of "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. GREAT movie!!!
     Jen called to wish me a "Happy 38th." And once I hung up with her, the phone rang almost instantly... it was my Dad calling to wish me the same.
     Then, later, I settled down in front of my TV to watch the New England Patriots kick some ass.
     At 11:00pm my phone rang again. It was Ana -- calling all the way from Mexico!!!
     I am well loved!!!
     Sorry for such a brief "recap" but, after all the happenings today, I'm kind'a tired. I gotta get some sleep. Ciao for now!

ENTRY # 327
DATE:  01/10/08 (Thursday)
SUBJECT:  Thought of the Day...

If you can smile when things go wrong,
you have someone in mind to blame.

ENTRY # 326
DATE:  01/09/08 (Wednesday)
SUBJECT:  "The Dish" Word-Count...

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