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ENTRY #450
DATE:  09/30/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  "Dove's Daily Dish" Celebrates it's 10-Year Anniversary...

     Holy Crap!!! I just realized that, 10 years ago today, I posted my first blog entry on this website. Damn... 2005. I can't believe 10 years have gone by. I've bought new cars, I've bought new cats and I also managed to get a new job; my parents have all overcome some major illnesses, with my Mom surviving breast cancer and a brain tumor, my Dad surviving prostate cancer and my step-father surviving a stroke, back surgery and lung surgery... all within these last 10 years. And, of course, I'm older, grayer and fatter now too, LOL. And, it's here - at Dove's Daily Dish - where I've been able to vent about all of it, the good times and bad. It's been fun. Whether I have readers out there or not, at least this blog has given me an outlet of some kind to help maintain my sanity. I know I haven't written for 10 years straight ('cause there was a 5-year gap where I didn't post anything at all), but the blog has been up and running the entire time. So, it's official... DDD is 10 years old today! Wow!!!

ENTRY #449
DATE:  09/20/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  Quote, Unquote - Robin Williams...

"Reality. What a concept."

"Cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money."

"Ah, yes, divorce... from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet."

"Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?"

"Cricket is basically baseball on vallium."

"Death is nature's way of saying, 'Your table is ready.'"

"People ask why I do children's comedies. I'm happy being a Robert de Niro for nine-year-olds."

"Comedy is acting out optimism."

"I'm sorry, if you were right, I'd agree with you."

ENTRY #448
DATE:  09/18/15 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  Ben & Jerry's "The Tonight Dough" Ice Cream...

     WOW!!! I think I just found the world's best ice-cream on my way home from work tonight. It's Ben & Jerry's "The Tonight Dough" and it is amazing. It even has a picture of Jimmy Fallon on it (from The Tonight Show). It's expensive (at six bucks a pint) but it's worth every penny! I just looked it up and found out that it was introduced back in February. Why it took so long to make it to my store, I have no idea, but I'm glad it's here now. It's yummy, yummy, yummy....

     It's hard to read what the flavor is in the picture so here's what it says:

Caramel & Chocolate Ice Creams with
Chocolate Cookie Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate
Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

     Mmm-mmm, good!!!!!

ENTRY # 447
DATE:  09/17/15 (Thursday)
SUBJECT:  The "Caitlyn Kisses Kris" photo...

     Well... after searching for days, I have been unable to find the photo that Kris took when Caitlyn kissed her on the cheek. All I've been able to find is a "screen shot" from the TV show. I'm guessing the photo is either still on Kris' camera or maybe it didn't come out. It happened so fast maybe the photo was just a blur so she never posted it anywhere. Of course she could've deleted it, too, out of spite, ya never know. Maybe it'll surface someday. Anyway, here's the screen shot from "I Am Cait." It's cute...

ENTRY # 446
DATE:  09/16/15 (Wednesday)
SUBJECT:  Just a Friendly Reminder...

     I haven't posted this since January of 2008, LOL, so I thought it might be time to remind you all, again, of a couple of things...

1. If you happen to find any typos anywhere on this site please email them to me so I can correct them.

2. If you happen to come across any dead links on this site, please let me know so I can fix them and/or get rid of them.

3. If you have any comments/questions regarding any of these blog entries, please put the "Entry number" in the subject line of your email (or something similar) so I don't delete you by mistake. I get so much "spam" it's sometimes difficult to distinguish the real mail from the junk.


ENTRY # 445
DATE:  09/13/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode Eight: A New Beginning (Season Finale)...

  I Am Cait - Episode Eight: A New Beginning high-lights...

- Kris comes over and they talk about:
     - the Vanity Fair article
     - Kylie's graduation and how Caitlyn wasn't invited (out of spite)
     - how Kris never "mistreated" Bruce; that the article wasn't true
     - how hurtful the VF article was
     - Caitlyn finally speaks up with, "Hurtful how? About what? What did I say?"
     - Kris doesn't really answer Cait's question
     - how Kris is struggling with the transition
     - Kris cries/whines some more about being hurt/betrayed
     - how they all miss having Bruce around
     - how Cait is sensitive to all the new friends she's made, but not sensitive to the family she's left behind
     - how the family feels left "in the dust" (which is exactly what I said in a previous post)
     - after a commercial break, the conversation goes a little better
     - they agree to try to get along for the kids
     - they even mention that maybe they can hang out together, like girlfriends
     - they take a "selfie" together of Cait kissing Kris on the cheek
     - Kris asks Cait if she's actually dating this woman named Candis
     - Cait offers no answer, just laughs
     - Kris leaves
- Cait sees Candis and discusses having a "Name Changing" ceremony/celebration
- Cait meets with Jenny Boylan regarding a transgender Reverend Jenny knows to officiate the ceremony
- New furniture is delivered to Caitlyn's house. Candis makes a comment about how nice it is to see furniture not picked out by Cait's ex-wife
- All the girls get together for a Boy George concert at the Greek Theater and they get to meet him
- Caitlyn takes the stage and actually introduces Boy George to the audience
- Caitlyn asks Candis to sing during her renaming ceremony
- Candis asks Boy George to sing at the ceremony also
- The Ceremony takes place at Cait's house, out by the pool. Everyone is dressed in white. The Reverend welcomes their new sister, Caitlyn, to the community. Chandi speaks about the meaning of "Caitlyn." Jenny Boylan reads a poem by e.e. cummings. Candis sings Amazing Grace with the Gay Man's Choir. The Reverend speaks again and asks Caitlyn to come forward and announce her new name publicly. Caitlyn Marie Jenner. Boy George sings with the Gay Man's Choir.
- Caitlyn talks about how the last few months have been the greatest of her life
- Caitlyn then speaks directly to the camera about what a great "beginning" it's been

     Before this episode even started I knew I'd end up getting mad at Kris, LOL.... and I did. There was one thing, in particular, they talked about that really pissed me off. It was when Caitlyn brought up the fact that she wasn't invited to Kylie's graduation. Kris actually admitted that she didn't invite Caitlyn to the graduation because she was so hurt by the Vanity Fair article. That's incredible. I can't believe that Kris acted so childish. "You hurt me with the article so I'm going to hurt you back by not letting you see your own daughter graduate." Damn. That's LOW, even for Kris.
     After hearing the Kardashians complain about how negative the VF article was I actually cheered - out loud - when Caitlyn finally demanded, "Hurtful how? About what?? What did I say???" And, of course, Kris had nothing to say to that. She just kind'a sputtered and sniffled through her fake tears about how much they all miss Bruce being around and that she's struggling with the transition. Of course she couldn't answer Caitlyn's questions directly... because THERE IS NOTHING IN THE VF ARTICLE THAT IS DEMEANING OR HURTFUL - AT ALL - ABOUT ANY OF THEM. They are all full of shit. They're just trying to steal Caitlyn's thunder and that's that.
     And, as I predicted a week or two ago, Kris confirmed that the family feels like they've been "left in the dust" by Caitlyn. Those were my exact words in a previous post here and I almost died laughing when I heard Kris say the exact same thing. It all goes back to how Kris needs to have the power over everything, how she needs to control everyone and, now, Caitlyn is no longer under her thumb. Caitlyn is the one with all the fame now; Caitlyn is the one with the hot show now; Caitlyn is the one with the real story now; Caitlyn has the power/control over her own life now... and it's all too much for the Kardashians to swallow. They're so used to "Bruce" being in the background, being nothing more than a door mat really, that now they can't handle the fact that Caitlyn is taking charge of her own life and grabbing the world by the horns and making it her own!!! That'a girl, Cait!!!
     OMG, and when Kris said, "You're so amazing and sensitive to all these new friends you're making, but you're not so amazing and sensitive to the family you've left behind," I almost screamed at my television!!! Well... DUUUUUH!!!!! Kris is such a jackass. Of course Caitlyn is different around "all her new friends." It's because "all her new friends" love and support her. They've accepted Cait with open arms because they all understand what she's been through. Maybe if Kris (and Khloe) tried to show some acceptance and support the situation would be different. Granted, I know Caitlyn's transition is a lot for them to get used to but, you know what, if you love someone it really shouldn't be all that hard to accept them as who they are.
     And I'm sick to death of hearing about how Kris is having such a hard time with the transition. It's like she's trying to blame that for their divorce. She totally needs to get over herself. "Bruce" didn't start his transition until AFTER they were separated/divorced. The transition has nothing to do with how their relationship ended. It was how "Bruce" was treated - for years - that finally led to the divorce. So, again, Kris just needs to keep her mouth shut and stop trying to make everything about her. It's amazing that Kris is even trying to deny that she "mistreated" Bruce. How can she possibly say that "it wasn't true" when it's all on tape??? The whole world witnessed it on their friggin' television show!!! What the hell is wrong with her? I just don't get it...
     The one cute part of their entire conversation was when they took a selfie together. Right before Kris took the picture, Caitlyn leaned over and kissed Kris on the cheek. I think that shocked Kris a little. She totally wasn't expecting it, LOL. I wish I could find that picture somewhere but - so far - I haven't had any luck. I would love to see it. If I do come across it I'll be sure to post a copy of it here...
     Anyway, enough about Kris.... Moving on!
     The "Renaming Ceremony" was, um, nice... but, to me, it was a little over the top. I mean, I get it... I know Caitlyn having her name changed, legally, is a big deal and I'm sure she wanted it to be more than just "filing paperwork." I get that. Totally. It IS a big deal. But this whole ceremony kind'a had a "circus" feel to it (for lack of a better word). Everyone is dressed in white in one ring; Candis is singing Amazing Grace with the Gay Man's Choir in a second ring; Boy George is singing in the center ring; and her friends (including a transgender Reverend) are speaking/reading poetry in, yet, another ring. Um, it was definitely a lot to digest. And I'm sure once all the girls put their two cents in (regarding various ideas for the ceremony), it probably grew into something more than what Caitlyn originally envisioned for the event. I mean, so far, Caitlyn's transition has been kept pretty low key. She's stayed out of the media and she's been pretty quiet about it, really. Then, all of a sudden, she has this elaborate, fairy tale-like, glamorous ceremony..... I dunno..... it just seems out of character for her. But regardless.... Caitlyn seemed thrilled with the whole thing and that's all that matters, really.
     So... Caitlyn Marie Jenner has been announced to the world officially now. Good for her. I've enjoyed watching her show and I hope there will be a Season Two. From what I've heard through the grapevine, the ratings went downhill quite a bit after episode three so I don't know if E! is going to pick it up for another season or not. It's too soon to tell... we'll see...

ENTRY # 444
DATE:  09/11/15 (Friday)
SUBJECT:  A quick Follow-Up to blog entry #437...

     After work today, I went to St. Vincent's Hospital to visit my friend Adrienne's mom. When I walked into her room the whole family was there, Adrienne, Kimmy and Elwood. And Virginia was sitting up in bed just chatting away. I'm glad I went when I did 'cause it was kind'a nice that we were all there together. As a family. I say that because that's what they are to me, my family.
     Anyway, Kimmy knows I'm a Caitlyn Jenner fan and she asked if I was still watching the show. She then mentioned that she had seen Caitlyn on "Ellen" earlier in the week and - at that point - I freaked. I was, like, "Was Blossom on?!?!? Was it the one where Cait said she'd get Blossom on the show?!?!?" Kimmy hadn't seen the entire segment so she wasn't sure. I came racing home and got online to look it up. It aired on Tuesday, September 8th, and sure enough, Blossom was on sitting right next to Caitlyn. I missed the episode 'cause I was at work but - at least - I was able to find this awesome picture [and the article that follows] from The Advocate...

Ellen and Cait Team-Up to Help Trans Nursing Student

Caitlyn Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres Show Love and Generosity
to a Struggling Black Trans Woman With Dreams of a Nursing Career
by Cleis Abeni
September 10, 2015 - 1:22pm EDT

     Even if she knew it was coming, Blossom Brown of Mississippi had no idea how dramatically her life was about to change this past Tuesday.
     She sat in the green room backstage at the Ellen show, staring into a camera and hearing Ellen DeGeneres ask her questions from the set's trademark white couches.
     ďI canít see you so well," said DeGeneres, as they talked to each other on the show's season premiere episode. "Why donít you come out here with us?Ē she asked Brown, who recently appeared with DeGeneres's guest, Caitlyn Jenner, on I Am Cait.
     Brown, an avid fan of Ellen, sprang up with joy in her floral print red and white jumper, and raced out to the set to greet DeGeneres and Jenner. She told The Advocate last month how stunned she was when she found out, watching Jenner's show, how the former Olympian had planned to help her.
     This was that moment: Jenner made good on the promise she made on her docu-series, according to E!, presenting her with a check for $20,000 to use toward her studies.
     Brown is 28, and a black, Christian, transgender woman from the deep South. She studied public health at the Mississippi University for Women and always dreamed of being a nurse. She is a volunteer for the Human Rights Campaign, where she recently wrote a blog entry about her life, and last December HRC featured her in a groundbreaking ad as part of a series to raise public awareness and "change hearts and minds" about LGBT people, as previously reported by The Advocate.
     Brown told Jenner about her firsthand experience with transphobia on the September 6 episode of I Am Cait.
     ďI couldnít get into nursing school for like the sixth time because Iím trans. People were looking at that and you need to be looking at my hard work and the dedication that I put into that hard work,Ē explained Brown.
     That episode detailed how Brown met Jenner at the HRC's San Francisco office as part of an educational discussion of the struggles of transgender people. Brown's tale of her six-time rejection to nursing schools, despite what she said were her straight A's, high GPA, and good ACT test score, moved Jenner.
     Later in that same episode, Jenner told her show's executive producer Andrea Metz to put together a video of Brown's story for DeGeneres, and to ask the host to invite her on her show, so she could help Brown offset her nursing school expenses.
     The $20,000 check was cosponsored by Shutterfly and will help Brown attend the nursing school of her choice. ďJenner has Ďthe biggest heart,í as friend Chandi Moore put it,Ē noted Adam Carlson for People Magazine.
     The struggles for access to education for transgender Americans like Brown are real and arduous. Yet, along with these struggles, there is cause for optimism.
     Ayana Elliott is an openly black transgender woman health professional with a doctorate in nursing who currently serves as Director of Health Services at the University of the District of Columbia. The celebrated black transgender journalist Janet Mock featured Elliott four years ago in a blog post on Mockís website, extolling Elliottís work with transgender youth at New Yorkís Hetrick-Martin Institute.
     There, Elliott's ďWoman in MeĒ program empowered transwomen to lead healthy lives. Elliottís example as well as the gift by Jenner and DeGeneres offers hope for Brown and transgender people like her, fighting for access to health education.

ENTRY # 443
DATE:  09/06/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode Seven: What's in a Name?...

  I Am Cait - Episode Seven: What's in a Name? high-lights...

- Jen Rade (stylist) visits Caitlyn at home to help her prepare for the ESPYs awards
- Ronda helps Caitlyn fill out some paperwork for her golf club membership. They get hung up on what name to use, Bruce or Caitlyn? Caitlyn decides to use "Bruce"
- Cait has the same discussion with Candis about the golf club. Candis convinces her she has to use Caitlyn 'cause that's who she is now. There's no goin' back. You can't play both sides of the fence!!!
- Caitlyn and Candis visit Chandi at the Childrens Hospital to sit in on Chandi's support group for trans teens, regarding their legal name changes and identification cards
- Ronda helps Caitlyn with the ESPYs speech
- Pam (Cait's sister) calls Caitlyn about their mother, Esther, being in the hospital/rehab because she fell and broke her hip. Cait worries that Mom won't make it to the ESPYs event
- Drian Juarez visits Cait at home to help Cait make her name change official/legal. She brings a ton of paperwork for Cait to fill out and submit so she can get all her IDs changed (drivers license, social security card, credit cards, a new birth certificate, etc.)
- Esther, Lisa (Cait's other sister), Pam and Samantha (Cait's niece) all show up at the house. Mom is in a wheelchair
- All of Cait's trans friends come over to meet Cait's family... Esther has a ball asking the women tons of questions
- July 15th, 2015 - ESPYs Day at the MicroSoft Theater. Candis and Chandi are there to support Cait with all the family. Clips from the speech are shown
- Cait is sad that Kris wasn't a part of the evening
- Cait meets with a couple of interior designers for ideas in the new house
- Caitlyn wants to reach out to Kris to patch up their rocky relationship and mend any hard feelings for the sake of the kids
- Cait meets with Jenny Boylan and her wife, Deedie, to discuss their opinion on mending the relationship with Kris. They think it's a good idea
- Cait calls Kris and they agree to get together so they can talk
- We see Kris show up with cookies but it ends there. To be continued next week, in the Season Finale, episode 8

     Not much to say about this episode. It's basically just a "bridge" episode carrying us over to the Season Finale next week. Seeing the coverage of all the behind-the-scenes ESPY's stuff was pretty cool... and Esther with all the transwomen was a riot. Esther could have her own show interviewing Cait's friends and I'd tune in, LOL.
     I don't really understand Caitlyn's anxiety about patching things up with Kris "for the sake of the children." Umm... all the kids are adults. Even Kylie, the youngest, is 18 now, she owns her own house. She's an adult now. They all are. So mending the relationship for the sake of the children is kind'a lost on me. I don't get it. It's not like they're 10 years old, hiding in their bedrooms, crying and shivering in fear because Mommy and Daddy are fighting downstairs. They're adults now. It doesn't matter if their parents are married or divorced. The kids have a relationship with Mom. Period. The kids have a relationship with Dad. Period. But what goes on between Mom and Dad now really doesn't affect them any longer at their current ages. They're adults. Mommy and Daddy can get along or not. What difference does it make?
     My parents got a divorce when I was seven years old. I love my Mom. I love my Dad. And I know they both love me. The fact they don't love each other any more is irrelevant. Luckily, they get along with each other just fine... but I wouldn't love them any less if they didn't, nor would they love me any less. See what I mean? So I think Cait should just stop fretting about Kris altogether. If they wanna work things out for themselves, that's fine... but don't say it's for the kids' benefit 'cause the [adult] "kids" don't care. :::::shrug::::: Whatever...

ENTRY # 442
DATE:  08/30/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode Six: The Dating Game...

  I Am Cait - Episode Six: The Dating Game high-lights...

- Courtney and John talk to Caitlyn about how they met and about how they're dating life would've been different if Courtney was trans
- Caitlyn and Candis have lunch at Franco's
- Candis talks about all the trouble she's having with her car (a Volvo)
- Candis tells Cait about an upcoming audition she has for a movie with Katie Holmes
- Caitlyn tells Candis she's "hot as hell" in the movie "Dirty, Sexy Money"
- They joke about who's job it is to open the door for the other, and who should pick up the check for lunch
- Candis takes Cait along to a doctor's appointment she's made with a specific doctor who will administer to transgender people (Dr. Carpenter, in LA)
- Caitlyn admits that dating scares her to death
- Caitlyn joins the girls at a club, The Abbey (sp?), for drinks, dancing and a bunch of naked, male dancers. Caitlyn is very uncomfortable being there
- Caitlyn meets Jenny Boylan at the Vine Garden for lunch. Jenny heard about the evening at the club and insists on talking with Cait about dating and attraction and tries to get Cait to admit to who she's attracted to. Jenny says that Cait is "hiding behind her work again," instead of living her true life and dating
- Caitlyn gets annoyed with the entire subject and says, "I'll play that card someday," just to end the conversation
- All the girls gather at Zachary's house for dinner and they ALL start sharing their stories about how difficult dating is for them
- Zackary says, "Basically, we're living in a world that has no place for us."
- Caitlyn takes a look at Candis' Volvo to see what the problem is and they take it for a test drive
- Cait pumps gas for Candis (cute)
- They take the car to a garage to have the AC fixed, the electrical system worked on, and to fix the grinding noise the engine is making
- Back at Candis' house, Candis shares her entire dating history with Cait and how abusive it sometimes got
- Candis and Chandi go out together for pedicures. More dating talk about how difficult it is for transgenders to date and find love. Jokingly, Candis says, "I might as well just date Caitlyn since everyone thinks we are already." Chandi agrees
- Caitlyn and Candis go to "Camp Day" which is for trans children. This camp now serves over 400 kids
- Back at home, Candis decides to hire a Match Maker and, of course, wants Caitlyn to do it too
- Caitlyn says, "NOT! In a million years!"
- Caitlyn borrows a Lamborghini for Candis to drive while her car is in the shop

     OK, I gotta tell ya, I'm getting a little tired of all this "dating" talk. Starting in episode two, all these transwomen (Jenny, Drian, Zackary, Candis, Chandi, and Jen) want to talk about is Caitlyn's future dating/sex life. Oh. My. God. Enough already. Caitlyn has mentioned, NUMEROUS TIMES, that she's not ready for any of that yet. She's clearly uncomfortable talking about it and has already admitted that the thought of dating scares her. That's it! Enough!! No more!!! I wish her friends would respect her and just leave the subject alone. First of all, it's none of their business... and second of all, it's really none of their business. I know they're friends and all... but still.... BACK OFF, already!!!
     My personal opinion about Caitlyn's dating life is this: She shouldn't date anyone for a while. And it has nothing to do, at all, with her gender. It has to do with the fact that she just got out of a 25-year relationship with Kris. It doesn't matter if you're "L," "G," "B" or "T." Anyone who has just come out of a long relationship like that needs to stand alone for a while. They were part of a "we" and an "us" for so long, they now need to rediscover themselves as an "I" and a "me." You have to relearn about yourself as an individual before you go jumping into the next relationship. Caitlyn's only been separated/divorced from Kris for, what, two years? That's not long enough. I think she could use another 2 or 3 years of "alone" time before she jumps back into the dating world.
     However, whenever that time comes, I kind'a hope something will happen between her and Candis. I no longer see Candis as a "threat," for lack of a better word. I mean, it's obvious already, how close the two of them have become as "friends." They definitely care for one another.... and if they're not dating already, I think they should. Someday. When Caitlyn is ready to take that leap.

ENTRY # 441
DATE:  08/23/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode Five: Take Pride...

  I Am Cait - Episode Five: Take Pride high-lights...

- Trans Pride 2015 - Caitlyn doesn't go, but Candis does
- Candis tells Caitlyn she's going to be performing during Gay Pride and wants Caitlyn to come
- Scott Disick visits Caitlyn. He's completely comfortable and supportive of Caitlyn's transition
- Caitlyn is "stood up" by Sergio (her remote-control helicopter "fix-it" guy) and ends up visiting Sergio's store for the first time in person. It's kind'a awkward. Sergio seems a little freaked out by the whole transgender issue
- Caitlyn, Candis and Chandi visit GLAAD and they (Candis and Chandi) talk to Cait about how she has to start using the words "us" and "we" when referring to the transgender community so it's clear to the world that Caitlyn sees herself as part of their community
- June 26th, 2015: President Obama announces Supreme Court ruled OK for same-sex marriages nationwide
- Caitlyn decides to attend Gay Pride in New York City with Candis and Chandi
- They take Cait shopping at Patricia Field's (in NYC) - it's a trans land mark, a "haven," since they've catered to the transgender community since the 1980s. Back then it was the only store to do so. Candis used to work there. Upon entering and leaving the store, the paparazzi love Caitlyn
- Caitlyn makes her first public appearing during Gay Pride and the crowd goes nuts screaming, jumping up and down and chanting Caitlyn's name. They LOVE her!!!
- Candis Cayne perfoms (dances a jazz number) then makes a short speech calling attention to her Mom and Dad and her close friend Caitlyn Jenner whom she truly loves. Again, the crowd goes wild for Cait
- Candis and Chandi, overall, are absolutely thrilled by the gay community's acceptance of Caitlyn

     I only have two things to comment on about this week's episode... One is that I was really happy to see Scott Disick (Kourtney K's boyfriend and father of her three children) visit Caitlyn at home. He seemed genuinely supportive and completely comfortable with Cait. I've never really cared for Scott, myself, but I gotta give him credit for stepping up and being totally cool about Caitlyn's transition. Way to go, Scott!! Now if he could just concentrate on staying sober, LOL.
     The other thing is this -- the entire segment involving Sergio really pissed me off. When Cait first called him to ask if he'd come over to take a look at one her helicopters that wasn't working, I thought the guy was cool. He even told Cait that he changed her name from Bruce to Caitlyn in his phone's "Contacts" list. I thought to myself, "Great, this guy's gonna be cool with the transition thing." So they set up an appointment for him to visit. Then the prick never shows up. No phone call, nothing. Just totally blows her off and leaves her hangin' with a broken helicopter. OK, first of all, Dude, that's not good for business. You can't just blow off a customer like that. Second of all, this is Caitlyn Jenner, Dude. You can't blow off Caitlyn Jenner like that. She can destroy your business now if she wanted too, especially since this whole thing went down on national television...
     ...but, no, Caitlyn was cool with it. She totally understands that some people might not be comfortable with the transition at first. So she gives him the benefit of the doubt and calls Sergio again. They set up another appointment but - this time - she goes to his actual store. Sergio is clearly uncomfortable as soon as he sees Caitlyn getting out of her car in the parking lot. He was a real prick. He could barely look her in the eye the whole time Caitlyn was in his store. It totally pissed me off. I mean, seriously, Dude, what's the problem? You've known, and been FRIENDS with, "Bruce" for years. SHE'S STILL THE SAME PERSON!!! What's the problem? Just 'cause your friend LOOKS different now, you can't look her in the eye? And, again, this attitude is bad for business. Professionally, as a business owner, you're going to treat a paying customer like that? Guess what, Asshole, the money is still the same color no matter if it comes out of Bruce's wallet or Caitlyn's purse. Get a clue, Dick-head!!!

ENTRY # 440
DATE:  08/22/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  A quick Follow-Up to blog entry #436...

     Hi again... this is my second post for today. I just happened to remember that I had mentioned in a previous entry (#436) that I would make a note of the rest of the women on Caitlyn Jenner's "I Am Cait" series... and since I was already sitting here online, I just did a search and found all their photos also. So, here they are...

Shown left to right: Jenny Boylan, Candis Cayne, Zackary Drucker, Drian Juarez, Chandi Moore, Jen Richards and Blossom Brown.

     Alrighty then... now that that's taken care of, I'm out'a here for now. I have more reading to do, LOL... Seeya!

ENTRY # 439
DATE:  08/22/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Books, books, and more books...

     I know I've been posting a lot about Caitlyn Jenner lately.... but, right now, I'm taking a break from her to talk about all the reading I've accomplished (in between the "I Am Cait" shows, LOL)...
     I have finished ALL the Stuart Woods "Stone Barrington" novels... all 34 of them, LOL. They are piled on top of a small book case in this room, right alongside me, and I now have to figure out what to do with them, LOL. I have to box them up and bring them somewhere but I'm not sure where yet. Either my mother will get them or another used book store will get them. We'll see...
     I am now working my way through Stuart Woods' "Holly Barker" series. This series only has five books (so far)... and I'm on book two, Orchid Blues. So, in the last three months, I've read 35 and a half novels, LOL, that's impressive (even for me). Once I polish off these five, I have to dive back into James Patterson's stuff. I've got his last seven books piled in the living room waiting to be read. Good grief, I think he writes even faster than I read, LOL.
     Then, after all those, I can finally tackle all the stuff I bought at the Pequot Library Book Sale.... or maybe I'll read Stephen King's latest, Finders Keepers, first. I dunno. I can't decide...
     It's a good thing I'm not a "Hoarder." LOL, can you imagine how many books I'd have in this apartment if I kept them all after reading them? Shit, the floors would probably collapse. Nope, my books - except for Stephen King's stuff - get passed on to someone else. My Mom gets all my James Patterson books. Once she reads them, she passes them on to someone else too, so that's cool. I'll have to ask her about all these Stuart Woods books. I don't think I want to dump 39 novels on her all at once, though. I'll give her the five "Holly Barker" books once I'm done with them to see if she likes them. If so, then she can get the "Stone Barrington" books. Those will definitely keep her busy when she's snowed in up in the Berkshires!
     Hmmm... I wonder if Caitlyn Jenner has thought about writing her memoir yet? I'd love to get my hands on that!!! There's already rumors going around that Kris Jenner is planning on writing a "tell all" book about her marriage to Bruce. If that's at all true, I hope Caitlyn will beat her to the punch and tell her own TRUE story first!
     Anyway... I definitely love to read, LOL, as you can tell by now. And I'm proud to say that the "Reading List" on my homepage has finally cracked 600 titles since 1999. Let's see... that's 600 books in 16 years. That's 832 weeks... which means I'm averaging almost a book a week, LOL. Doesn't seem like much when you look at it that way but, trust me, my nose is constantly in a book.

ENTRY # 438
DATE:  08/16/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode Four: Family Interference...

  I Am Cait - Episode Four: Family Interference high-lights...

- Candis plans a sleep-over with all the girls at her house
- Kim K. visits to complain about how the Vanity Fair article hurt Kris' feelings
- Kim says, "You don't have to bash us on the way up."
- Courtney helps Cait prepare/pack for the sleep-over at Candis' house
- Before the rest of the girls arrive, Cait tries on a bunch of Candis' clothes
- More talk about Caitlyn's future dating plans
- Kate Bornstein shows up at Candis' house also and discusses the "Freak Factor" with Cait
- Caitlyn visits a Children's Hospital to learn more about families dealing with their trans children
- Chaz Bono is also at the Children's Hospital and Cait is happy to finally be able to talk to him openly
- Candis is at the Children's Hospital as well, intoduced by Cait as "a good friend"
- Caitlyn visits Khloe K. at home to discuss the Vanity Fair issue and hurt feelings

     This entire episode pissed me off. Well, except for the segment at Candis' house when Caitlyn was modeling some of Candis' clothes. That was very girly and sweet... and fun to watch. I'm still on the fence about my feelings regarding Candis. Part of me is, like, "Cait, you better watch your back around her," but there's also a part of me that's really happy to see Cait having fun, hangin' out with a girlfriend (and I'm using the term girlfriend as "close friend," not in the dating sense). Anyway, that part of the show was fine.
     The parts that pissed me off were when Kim K. came to Cait's house to complain about the Vanity Fair article, and when Cait went to Khloe's house for the same reason. I just don't get it. I've read that article three times and NOT ONCE did Cait ever say anything nasty, or hurtful, or condescending about any of the Kardashians. First of all, why would she? And, second of all, the article wasn't about them, it was about Cait and Cait's truth!!! But noooooooooo.... the Kardashians have to make everything about them.
     I swear to God, they're all just jealous that Caitlyn is the one with the real story, with the show that actually means something. I think they're all pissed off that Caitlyn is now the one in the spotlight and they all want it back (not that they ever really had it in the first place, LOL). Caitlyn is taking the world by storm, leaving the Kardashians in the dust and I think they'll do anything, or say anything, to finagle their way into Cait's show so "the world" doesn't forget about them. Plus, right now, all the Kardashian shows are between seasons so none of them are getting any current TV exposure. They're getting it on Cait's show though, dammit. They need to just shut the hell up and let Cait have her moment in the sun, no matter how long it lasts. They need to stay out of it. Unless it has something to do with real family issues/relationships they should just let Cait stand alone and let her bask in the moment for a change. Caitlyn is dealing with enough stuff right now, she shouldn't have to put up with the Kardashians whining about a magazine article (one that didn't even say what they all claim it said). I mean, seriously... Kim, Khloe and Kris need to get over themselves. No one cares... and we really don't need to see them on Cait's show. They have no purpose on a real show such as Cait's. They all need to just stick to what they know -- shopping, make up, hair, nails, clubs, drinking, partying and sex tapes!!!
     The only kids I want to see on Cait's show, really, are Kendall and Kylie. We've seen Kylie so far, which went really well. She had a very positive attitude about her Dad's transition, even going as far as putting hair extensions in Cait's hair and posting the photos on Twitter. We haven't seen Kendall yet, though, which is bothering me a little. I hope Kendall is just "busy" and not harboring any hard feelings about her Dad's transition... 'cause that would really suck.... and, not to mention, it would break her Dad's heart if she's not supportive. Kendall was at the ESPYs event to show her support so that's good. I wanna see her on "I Am Cait" though... I wanna see interaction between them. And I'd like to see Cait's other kids too (Burt, Brody, Brandon and Cassandra). I don't know if that will ever happen though, since they all said (in the Vanity Fair article) that they don't really want anything to do with it (because it's on the E! network). They were all afraid the show would be seen as a "joke" or a "circus" because of the reputation of the other shows on E!. However, now that "I Am Cait" is such a hit, I hope they change their minds and will all participate. We'll see...
     And, oddly, we haven't heard from or seen Kourtney K. at all. Granted she's busy with three kids now... and dealing with Scott and his bullshit is a full-time job in itself. Even still, I find it strange that we haven't heard a peep from her throughout all this. We haven't even heard a phone call from her on the show. It's just as well, I 'spose. Maybe she's sticking to the old Golden Rule of, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." If that's the case, I don't wanna hear anything from her either, LOL.
     I'm really disappointed in Khloe. I really thought, that out of all of them, she would be the most supportive. But no, she seems to be the one having the hardest time adjusting to Cait's new life. The whole time Cait was at her house trying to talk to her, she was very negative... and she had this pouty, snotty, snarky look on her face the entire time that made me want to slap her. I don't know if that was her real expression or if it was just make-up or lip injections making her appear that way.... either way, it didn't sit well with me.
     Rob Kardashian has been absent as well. Although that's not surprising since he's turned into some kind of recluse as of late. We did get to listen in on a phone call from him though in episode one. He called to tell Caitlyn that she looked "hot" in the Vanity Fair article. Even though it wasn't much, at least it was positive, LOL.
     And, so far, Kris hasn't appeared on the show either. That's coming though, according to the previews. Oh goody, goody. I'm sure it's gonna be more of her whining about how hurt she is, how betrayed she feels, and blah, blah, blah, blah....
     During all four episodes so far, it's obvious that Caitlyn is upset that her family hasn't been as supportive as she had hoped. She misses them a lot, you can tell. But, y'know, if I could tell Cait one thing it would be this...... don't worry. Stop sweating it. The thing is, you've been living - in your head - as Cait for 65 years. But to your family this is still a very new situation for them. Compared to 65 years, they've only been exposed to this for about 15 minutes, LOL. Don't worry about it. They all love you. They'll adjust and they'll come around when they're ready. Until then, just focus on being happy, continue to learn, work at spreading your message around the world, but most importantly, just enjoy being you. You can't force this on them. You can't make them ready, no matter how much you miss them. They need to come to acceptance on their own terms. And they will, in time. That's just what families do.
     One more thing I want to comment on about this episode happened during Kate Bornstein's visit at Candis' house. When they sat down and started discussing Cait's transition so far, Kate Bornstein said, "And how are you dealing with the Freak Factor?" I gotta tell ya, I was instantly offended by the term Freak Factor. I thought it was extremely harsh, hurtful, and discriminating. I don't think I was the only one that felt that way either. When the camera then cut to Caitlyn, the expression on her face made it clear that she, too, was appalled with that terminology. I think she was honestly shocked - at that precise moment - to learn that that's what a lot of people in this world now see her as, a freak. Like I said in an earlier post, there are a lot of haters out there. There are a lot of people out there that think "different" is a bad thing, that "different" is wrong. Fortunately, Cait is surrounded by folks who don't think that way. I just hope Cait didn't take that "Freak Factor" comment personally. I'm sure she was offended, but I hope it didn't actually hurt her feelings.
     That's the world we live in. Like Anne Frank, I'd love to believe that people are good at heart... but it's hard, if not impossible, to keep that in mind when everyone is constantly battling haters. Whether you're male or female, gay or straight, white or black, fat or thin, Democrat or Republican, tall or short, Baptist or Methodist, Urban or Rural, rich or poor (the list goes on and on), there will always be something that sets you apart from someone else.... and that "someone else" will either be a hater or not. Not everyone is going to welcome her with open arms. Caitlyn will just have to keep that in mind as she continues on her journey or she'll be faced with many, many more shocking moments...

ENTRY # 437
DATE:  08/09/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode Three: The Road Trip - Part 2...

  I Am Cait - Episode Three: The Road Trip - Part 2 high-lights...

- Continued from last week at HRC (Human Rights Campaign headquarters in San Fran)
- Cait meets many more transwomen and hears their stories
- Blossom's story, in particular, moves Cait to tears
- The group moves into a villa in Sonoma with beautiful views and a gigantic pool
- Ronda's hurt by Caitlyn's lack of attention
- The girls all go roller skating to blow off some steam
- Back at the house, the women hit the pool, Caitlyn included (in her off-the-shoulder white bathing suit)
- Caitlyn shares her anxiety about the upcoming ESPYs show and about her family
- Cait takes all the girls offroad, motor-cross biking
- Back at the house there's more talk about Caitlyn dating and her sexual preferences/attractions
- Jenny takes Ronda aside for a private conversation regarding her friendship with Cait
- They all go on a wine tasting excursion
- Jenny takes Caitlyn aside to inform her about how Ronda is feeling left out
- Caitlyn talks to Ronda, they go to a movie and, we assume, all is well

     OK, I gotta be honest. This episode had me in tears. When we meet Blossom at HRC and hear her story I was already swept up in the emotion. Blossom is one cool chick. She's honest and sweet and smart and, let's face it, very frank when it comes to her opinion. She told Cait, flat out, that she'll never know the pain and suffering of becoming trans because of her money and fame. That got Cait's attention real quick. She sat right up and listened to every word Blossom had to say...
     Turns out Blossom wants to be a nurse but she can't get into nursing school because she's trans. Blossom is also a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres. Blossom relates to Ellen's history of how she "came out" during her sitcom and how things then went downhill in Ellen's career because she was gay. But look at her now, Blossom says. Everything is great for her, her talk show is a hit and everyone loves her, she's even a Covergirl now. Blossom says, because of that, she - herself - will definitely be a nurse someday. She may not be able to have it now but - some day - she will get to nursing school and be a nurse!
     When the girls leave HRC, back in their room, we're kind'a taken "behind the scenes," when Cait calls in one of the shows producers (Andrea). Cait says, "This is what I want to do. We're gonna call Ellen. I'm gonna call Ellen and tell her Blossom's story. We're gonna get Blossom on the show. When Ellen hears her story, she'll want her on." By now there's not a dry eye on the set. They're all crying. Shit, I'm in my living room sitting on my couch and I'm crying too. Then Cait says, "We're gonna get her in nursing school and we're paying for it. I'm paying for it. We're gonna make it happen. Make it happen, OK!!!" Damn. I am really starting to love this show!!! You GO, Cait!!!
     The roller skating and the motor-cross off road dirt-bike segments were cute. After the emotional roller-coaster earlier in the show it was fun to watch all of them blow off a little steam and have some fun!
     And Cait conquered her fear of the dreaded bathing suit. You could see the anxiety in her face about the whole thing, and how uncomfortable she was even talking about herself in a bathing suit... but when she finally put the damn thing on and made her way out to the pool and received all the girls' approval that made a big difference. She got in the water and they surrounded her in a group hug. It was very sweet. Again, one of the endearing aspects of the show that everyone can relate to. Hell, let's face it, the majority of us are self-conscious in a bathing suit, no matter who we are, right? Later, while speaking directly to the camera, Cait finally admitted to herself (and the viewers), that she "looked pretty good!" You go, girl. Work that shit!!!
     Ayuh, "I Am Cait" is a great show!!!

ENTRY # 436
DATE:  08/02/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode Two: The Road Trip - Part 1...

  I Am Cait - Episode Two: The Road Trip - Part 1 high-lights...

- Cait worries about the sound of her voice
- Kim K. and Malika (sp?) come to visit
- Jenny Boylan (another transwoman) visits and helps Cait to prepare for a "Girl's Night" with a group of transwomen
- Girl's Night includes dinner, drinks, and conversations sharing each woman's story
- The girls plan a road trip to San Francisco to visit HRC (Human Rights Campaign headquarters) so Cait can meet more transpeople to learn from their stories.
- Ronda, Caitlyn's assistant and friend, is jealous of the transwomen's new relationship(s) with Cait
- Cait stresses over packing/wearing a bathing suit
- They rent an RV/tour-bus for the road trip
- We learn that the term "cis" refers to a non-transgender person
- The women inquire about Cait's dating preferences (male/female?)
- In San Francisco they rent a little house in the woods (which includes a hot tub)
- The ladies all hit the hot tub that evening but Caitlyn, not ready for the bathing suit, goes to bed
- Caitlyn practices her golf swing with her new boobs
- Cait continues to worry about the sound of her voice
- Candis Cayne (one of the transwomen) flirts with Cait throughout the entire show, practically throwing herself at Cait. Cait, in turn, seems quite taken by Candis
- They all head to HRC to meet more transwomen (which is continued in next week's episode)

     Overall, episode two was pretty damn good!!! I'm really glad Cait has met this new group of transfriends. I can't remember all of their names - I should've written them all down - but a couple of them are Jenny, Chandi, Candis and Zachary. I'll try to make a note of the rest of their names in future episodes. These women are very cool and I'm relieved they've all taken Caitlyn under their collective wings to help teach her stuff. It's clear that Caitlyn has no sense of "reality" when it comes to the transgender community and the struggles they've all faced during their transitions. Stories of unemployment, discrimination, physical abuse, bullying, and sex-work leave Cait's head spinning. Caitlyn's transition has been sheltered due to her celebrity status so she will never have to experience any of the negativity these other women have lived through.... but for Cait to step up and be considered the spokesperson, she needs to be properly educated and these women have already opened her eyes to the many challenges they face in day-to-day life.
     Candis Cayne. Hmmmmm..... I'm unsure how to feel about her as of right now. I'll have to see more episodes before I form a solid opinion about this one. She seems like a very nice person... and she does seem genuine in wanting to help inform Cait of the transgender issues. That's all cool. BUT... she was very flirty and touchy-feely with Caitlyn throughout the entire episode. Considering this is the first time we (as an audience) have seen Candis, all this touchy-feely stuff seems a bit sudden and almost forced. I'm not sure if I trust her or not. She stated she's an actress and a performer.... and I'm wondering if she's trying to latch onto Caitlyn to further her career. I dunno. Caitlyn already seems quite "smitten" by her so I hope Candis' friendship is real and not an act. We'll see...
     One other thing needs to be commented on.... Caitlyn needs to forget about the sound of her voice. It really doesn't matter. She's got much more important things to consider and deal with instead of fretting about what she sounds like. My opinion is this: yes, in tone and pitch, it might still be Bruce's voice, but the important thing is what Caitlyn says with it. Period!!!

ENTRY # 435
DATE:  07/26/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  I Am Cait - Episode One: Meeting Cait...

  I Am Cait - Episode One: Meeting Cait high-lights...

- She wakes up at 4:30am
- Wardrobe, hair, makeup (with her assistants Ronda and Courtney)
- Signs a birthday card for her mother as "Caitlyn"
- Kim Kardashian calls Cait about her new Twitter account that already has over 700,000 friends in less than two hours
- Cait waits anxiously for her family to show up (two sisters and her mom). Very nervous about what her Mom is going to think.
- Kylie [Jenner] face-times Cait on the phone from the dentist office
- Caitlyn and Pam (sister) play tennis
- Caitlyn and Pam clean out the closet and get rid of all of "Bruce's" clothes
- Cait's mom, Esther, realizes she's got a lot to learn about transgender people
- Kylie visits/meets her new Dad for the first time
- Kim & Kanye West visit
- Caitlyn reaches out to the family of Kyler (a transgender teen who committed suicide at the age of 14)
- They release balloons in Kyler's memory

     That, in a nutshell, is what went down during the first episode of "I Am Cait" tonight. It's a good show and I plan on watching episode two next week...
     I just hope the Kardashians aren't going to invade this show and try to make it all about them. As of right now, from only the little I've seen in the one episode, this show has a purpose. It has a point to make and a message to get out there. It's tastefully done, it's educational, it's covering sensitive material, and it very well could save some lives. If the network (and/or Cait herself) decides to let the damn Kardashians run amok throughout the series, the show will suffer and lose all merit. It'll become just another bullshit reality show that means nothing. I hope that doesn't happen. I don't want Caitlyn Jenner to become an embarrassing laughing-stock like Kendra (Kendra On Top), or like anyone from Total Divas, and now - most recently - WAGs and Stewarts & Hamiltons. Those are garbage shows. I would hate to see "I Am Cait" classified as one of them. And, unfortunately, the Kardashian clan has the ability to lessen the value of Cait's show if they're seen/heard too often.
     Caitlyn Jenner is now the world's most famous transgender person. She's already become the "spokesperson" for their community even though it's clear that she, herself, doesn't have all the answers...
     I think most people assume Caitlyn knows all there is to know about transgender issues simply because she's famous. That's not the case. The show shares with us Cait's own struggles with gender identity. For instance - even something as simple as signing her mother's birthday card - Cait was unsure of what to do. And even when Cait and her sister Pam were playing tennis, Cait joked about where to put the extra tennis balls - she said, "Guys have pockets!" It's little things like that that have already made the show endearing.
     In fact, Cait's [pre-existing] fame really has nothing to do with the show at all. It's simply a show documenting a single human-being's experience with gender transition. The fame does promote the show and it definitely helps the transgender community get their voices heard... but the fame has nothing to do with Cait's personal journey. She's got a lot of growing to do and a lot learning to do. And I think, overall, this show will definitely teach the world a lot about just accepting people as who they are. Hopefully we'll all learn - right along with her - as we tune in each week. I'm looking forward to it.

ENTRY # 434
DATE:  07/26/15 (Sunday)
SUBJECT:  Pequot Public Library book sale...

     The book sale was fantastic! It was SO GOOD, in fact, I went yesterday AND today... and came home with a total of 17 books for a little over 30 bucks!!! I found some great stuff. And, YES, I did manage to find a copy of that Stuart Woods book (#32, Insatiable Appetites) and it was only two dollars (for the hardcover), LOL! Can't beat that!!! So I now have all of Woods' Stone Barrington novels (including #34, Naked Greed, that just came out last week) so I can just keep on reading, straight through to the end, without interruption. YES!!!
     Let's see... I also picked up two Michael Crichton books, John Grisham's brand new Gray Mountain (for a dollar), another copy of Roots by Alex Haley ('cause I gave my first one away) and a bunch of animal related novels/memoirs. WOOHOOOOO!!!!
     And I'm enjoying Stuart Woods' books so much I also decided to read his Holly Barker series, though - thankfully - that one only includes five titles so far. I found all five of them at Penny's Book Shelf in Milford.... and I also went to Barnes & Noble and purchased all James Patterson's latest stuff that's come out the last couple of months. Good grief, I've got books stacked everywhere, LOL.
     I. Love. To. Read.

ENTRY # 433
DATE:  07/18/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Caitlyn's ESPYs speech...

     So, Wednesday evening, I sat in front of my TV and watched the entire ESPYs Award Show. In fact, I even watched the Red Carpet show that ran for a solid hour before the award show even began, hoping to catch my first glimpse of Caitlyn going in. I wanted to see her entrance and hear the interviewer ask, "Who are you wearing this evening?" but she was no where in sight on the red carpet. I was disappointed. Then, during the award ceremony itself, I kept scanning the audience hoping to spot her. Nothing. Not even any of the Kardashians were in sight. What the hell??? I started to panic. I began wondering if Caitlyn had lost her nerve and decided to accept the award privately.
     The next day I learned that they all agreed to stay "behind the scenes" until the Arthur Ashe award was presented. At that point they took their seats surrounding Caitlyn to listen to the introduction. (No sign of Kris though, LOL. That figures. This night had nothing to do with her so why should she be there, right? God forbid if she actually support the person she was married to for 23 years.) We never saw Caitlyn until her name was announced. Then, finally, the camera found her... and she looked beautiful in her Versace gown. She took the stage and the audience went nuts. It was really moving to hear their applause. I thought her speech was great, even though she sounded extremely nervous... and I could tell she was having a hard time trying not to cry. I'm glad I tuned in. It was definitely a historic moment.
     Thursday, Friday and today I've been watching E News, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, The Insider and TMZ.... and, so far, the coverage of Caitlyn's first public appearance and her speech has been very positive. I'm sure though, if I was to search the internet, I'd no doubt come across some haters out there ('cause no matter what the situation is, there are always haters out there), but I refuse to do it. I will not read any of their ignorant comments. And I hope Caitlyn will stay away from that shit too. Anyway, here's the transcript of the speech she gave...

     ďThank you so much. It is so wonderful to be here tonight. The last few months have been a whirlwind of so many different experiences and emotions. But to tell you the truth, every time I turn around in life, Iím putting myself in these high-pressure situations. Competing in the Games, raising a family. But Iíve never felt more pressured than I ever have in my life, than the last couple of months. Picking out this outfit ó OK, girls, I get it! Youíve got to get the shoes, the hair, the make-up, the whole process was exhausting. And next, the fashion police ó please be kind on me, Iím new at this.
     But Anyway, I just want to say a quick shout out to our soccer team. Ladies, you clean up very well.
     Well the real truth is that, before just a few weeks ago... few months ago I had never met anybody else who was trans, who was like me. I had never met a trans person, never. Now, as you just saw, I dealt with my situation on my own in private and that turned this journey into an already incredible education.
     Itís been eye-opening, inspiring, but also frightening. All across this country, right now, all across the world, at this very moment, there are young people coming to terms with being transgender. Theyíre learning that they're different and they are trying to figure out how to handle that, on top of every other problem that a teenager has.
     They're getting bullied, they're getting beaten up, theyíre getting murdered and theyíre committing suicide. The numbers that you just heard before are staggering but they are the reality of what it is like to be trans today.
     Just last month, the body of 17-year-old Mercedes Williamson, a transgender young woman of color was found in a field in Mississippi stabbed to death. I also want to tell you about Sam Taub, a 15-year-old transgender young man from Bloomfield, Michigan. In early April, Sam took his own life. Now, Samís story haunts me in particular because his death was a few days before ABC aired my interview with Diane Sawyer. Every time something like this happens, people wonder, "Could it have been different, if spotlighting this issue with more attention could have changed the way things happen?" Weíll never know.
     If there is one thing I do know about my life, it is the power of the spotlight. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but with attention comes responsibility. As a group, as athletes, how you conduct your lives, what you say, what you do, is absorbed and observed by millions of people, especially young people. I know Iím clear with my responsibility going forward, to tell my story the right way ó for me, to keep learning, to do whatever I can to reshape the landscape of how trans issues are viewed, how trans people are treated. And then more broadly to promote a very simple idea: accepting people for who they are. Accepting peopleís differences.
     My plea to you tonight is to join me in making this one of your issues as well. How do we start? We start with education. I was fortunate to meet Arthur Ashe a few times and I know how important education was to him. Learn as much as you can about another person to understand them better.
     I know the people in this room have respect for hard work, for training, for going through something difficult to achieve the outcome that you desire. I trained hard, I competed hard, and for that, people respected me. But this transition has been harder on me than anything I could imagine. And thatís the case for so many others besides me. For that reason alone, trans people deserve something vital. They deserve your respect. And from that respect comes a more compassionate community, a more empathetic society, and a better world for all of us.
     There have been so many who have traveled this road before me. From, in sports, Renťe Richards, to Chaz Bono, to Laverne Cox, and many others. Janet Mock is here tonight. And I want to thank them all publicly, and the ESPYs, and the late Arthur Ashe, for giving me this platform to start the next phase of my journey. I also want to acknowledge all the young trans athletes who are out there ó given the chance to play sports as who they really are. And now, as of this week, it appears trans people will soon be serving in the military. Thatís a great idea. We have come a long way. But we have a lot of work to do.
     Iíd like to thank personally, my buddy Diane Sawyer. You know, you can only tell your story the first time once and Diane you did it so authentically and so gracefully. And me and the community are so thankful for that. Thank you so much Diane, Iím so proud to have you as a friend.
     Here comes the tough part. Iíd like to thank my family. The biggest fear in Caitlyn Jenner coming out was I never wanted to hurt anyone else. Most of all my family and my kids. I always wanted my children to be so proud of their dad because of what he has accomplished in his life. You guys have given so much back to me, youíve given me so much support, Iím so so grateful to have all of you in my life. Thank you.
     And certainly last, but not least, my mother. My mom who, just a little over a week ago, had to have surgery and I didnít think she was going to make it, but she is here with me tonight to share this night. Now, you know I always thought that I got my courage and my determination from my dad. He landed on Omaha beach and fought all the way through World War 2. But you know what Iím realizing now, Mom, is that I got all those qualities form you. I love you very much. Iím so glad youíre here to share this with me.
     You know, it is an honor to have the word courage associated with my life. But on this night another word comes to mind and that is fortunate. I owe a lot to sports. It showed me the world, it has given me an identity. If someone wanted to bully me, well, you know what? I was the MVP of the football team. That wasnít going to be a problem. And the same thing goes tonight. If you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead, because the reality is I can take it. But for the thousands of kids out there who are coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldnít have to take it.
     So for the people out there wondering what this is all about ó whether itís about courage or controversy or publicity ó well, Iíll tell you what itís all about. Itís about what happens from here. Itís not just about one person, itís about thousands of people. Itís not just about me, itís about all of us accepting one another. We're all different. Thatís not a bad thing, thatís a good thing and while it may not be easy to get past the things you always don't understand, I want to prove that it is absolutely possible if we only do it together.
     Thank you so much for this platform. Thank you so much for this honor bestowed on myself and my family. Thank you.Ē

ENTRY # 432
DATE:  07/09/15 (Thursday)
SUBJECT:  Welcome to the world, Caitlyn!!!

     OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Caitlyn Jenner is fabulous!!! Of course I've seen the photos of this new Vanity Fair cover online and on TV but that didn't stop me from, literally, RUSHING to the store to buy my own copy! The article is great and the photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!
     I cannot get enough of Caitlyn Jenner. I've watched the Diane Sawyer interview a half-dozen times.... and I've also watched the two episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that were titled "About Bruce: Part 1 and 2" numerous times.... so the anticipation of actually "meeting" Caitlyn has been building for weeks. And, I gotta tell ya, I am SO GLAD she's finally here!!!
     I'm not exactly sure why I'm so into her transition though. I mean, I was never a Bruce Jenner fan. Not really, anyway. I was only six years old when he won the Olympics back in 1976 so I can barely remember anything about all that. And, as I've stated before, I hardly ever watch any of the Kardashian shows. Every once in a while I'll tune in but, after only a couple of episodes, I just have to find something better to watch. However, I have managed to watch enough of the latest seasons to know that Bruce has had "issues" which were, obviously, never quite clear. He always seemed so pissed off at the world, or pissed off at Kris, or pissed off at how he was treated. It got to the point where he would never even smile. He would, basically, just sit in a chair and sulk. It was clear he was definitely extremely unhappy but I never understood why...
     I just assumed his misery was because of Kris. During the last couple years of their marriage she really was treating him like shit. I remember two episodes in particular that actually pissed me off in regards to how she was treating him... one was when she only wanted to allow him access to certain rooms in their house. I thought that was ridiculous. I was, like, "Really, bitch? Are you serious? He's a grown-ass man, and you're going to force this on him in his own house?" And the other episode that sticks out in my mind right now is the one where she was actually considering dropping Jenner as her last name and reverting back to Kardashian, her dead ex-husband's name. Damn, that's low!!! Even I was offended by that. I can't imagine how that made Bruce feel. Not to mention Kendall and Kylie. I mean, what the hell was she thinking?
     And there are other little things that bothered me too.... for instance, the hallway in their house where all the photos were hung. All the photos were of Kris and all the kids. There were none of Bruce. Even though she was married to him it was like she never really considered him a part of her family. It's like he was just "there," in the background, while the kids were her family. And, of course, there was always the constant nagging. She just wouldn't leave him alone. If she wasn't bitching about his clothes, she'd bitch about his shoes, his hair, his hearing, his attitude, his stuff around the house.... Oh. My. God. I'd actually find myself yelling at her through my TV to just shut the fuck up!!! Kris is all about the money, the fame, the power, the control, the Kardashian brand, and that's all she cares about.
     Then, after a while, I started seeing a lot of weird stuff about Bruce in the tabloids. I don't buy those kinds of magazines but I do find myself reading the covers of them all when I'm standing in line at the grocery store. Stuff about his plastic surgery, stuff about how long his hair was getting... and then stuff about him becoming a woman??? I was, like, "Damn, this is all because of Kris. She's driven him to madness and he's finally cracking up!"
     Then I saw the Diane Sawyer interview, combined with the two "About Bruce" episodes on the Kardashians. His misery finally made sense to me. His entire life he was living a lie. No wonder he's been so unhappy. And, since seeing those shows, I have been completely enamored with Caitlyn. But the thing is... it's weird.... what has made the biggest impact on me is not her physical transition (although that is pretty damn amazing - she is stunning, afterall), but more so her mental transition. Now that the truth is out, now that the weight has been lifted, her entire attitude has changed. After watching Bruce's misery for the last couple of years, the change is incredible! It's so refreshing to see her smile, to see her laugh. She's animated and expressive now when she talks... she's got a fantastic "happy-go-lucky, I-love-life" kind of attitude now. She's having fun. She's enjoying life. She's finally.... HAPPY!!!
     I don't care if her hair is short or long. I don't care if she's wearing sneakers or high heels. I don't care if she's wearing athletic gear or an evening gown. I don't care if she has breasts or not. I don't care if she's got a penis or a vagina. I don't care if she dates women or men. The only thing I care about is that the lie is over. She can live her life. The only important thing is that she's happy. That is all that matters!!!
     I'll be watching the ESPYs next week, without a doubt!!! It's gonna be her first public appearance as Caitlyn!!! She's been awarded the "Arthur Ashe Courage Award" and I'm dying to hear her acceptance speech. And, yes, I DO want to see what she's gonna wear, LOL...
     And I'll also be tuning in to her new show "I Am Cait" on July 26th. I can't wait!!! I just hope that Kris and the rest of the Kardashian clan won't try to make it all about them. I have a feeling they're all worried that they're going to be left behind in Caitlyn's shadow from now on, while she moves forward and takes over the world... and I bet that's driving them all crazy, Kris most of all. Kris no longer has any say; Kris no longer has the power, and I bet that's eating her alive, LOL!!!
     So... again... welcome to the world, Caitlyn!!! It's so nice to finally meet you!!!! Congratulations, girl! You rock!!!!

ENTRY # 431
DATE:  06/20/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  More Stuart Woods books!!!

     I bought 4 more Stuart Woods books this week, all part of that Stone Barrington series I was talking about the last time I was here. Book number 29 (Carnal Curiosity) and book number 30 (Cut & Thrust) I found at the Barnes & Noble in Milford. Book number 31 (Paris Match) and book number 33 (Hot Pursuit) I found at the Barnes & Noble in North Haven....
     No luck finding book number 32 (Insatiable Appetites). It's still available in hardcover only... but the two stores I visited didn't have any left. It comes out in paperback in August and, because of that, both stores won't be ordering any more copies in hardcover. That kind'a pisses me off. I mean, it's still a new book, dammit. I think stores should carry it - no matter what - so the readers can buy it!!! What the hell??? Now I'm forced to wait 'til August to buy a copy??? That sucks...
     The Pequot Public Library in Southport has their annual Summer Book Sale coming up in July. I guess I'll try to find it there. It's either that or I'll have to pace myself with these books to make them last until August. So far, I'm breezing right through them.... in the last three weeks I've polished off 14 of them... I'll be starting number 15, Hot Mahogany, tonight. They're really good!!! As soon as I finish one, I grab the next title off the top of the pile and dive right in... so it's like one really, really, really long novel, LOL.
     There's one downfall with being committed to all these Stuart Woods/Stone Barrington novels. I want to read them all without interruption. Which means that James Patterson is still out there pounding out books.... so, by the time I finish all these Stuart Woods books, I'm gonna be WAY behind on the new Patterson stuff (considering he writes a book every, what(?), fifteen minutes or so, LOL). And I also have Stephen King's latest book, Finders Keepers, waiting in the wings... and John Grisham's Gray Mountain too, although I haven't even bought that one yet. Maybe I can grab a cheap copy of that one too at the library book sale...
     Once again, I gotta go.... I've got lots n' lots of reading to do. Seeya...

ENTRY # 430
DATE:  05/30/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  I've discovered a new author!!!

     OK, so Stuart Woods isn't really a new author. He's been writing books for years and years. However, he's a new author for me. I've never read a Stuart Woods book... ever. Not sure why. I've seen his name/titles on the book shelves but I've never been inspired to pick one up and give it a look-see to find out if his work is anything I'd be interested in. Until about two months ago...
     During one of my many trips to Barnes & Noble a paperback caught my eye. As it sat on the shelf, the cover was facing out and it displayed a really nice picture (or artwork, rather) of a portion of the New York City skyline lit up at night. Because of that, I picked it up, read the back of it and brought it home. The title of it is "New York Dead." I didn't realize it was part of a series until I got the book home and looked at it a little closer. On the cover it also says "A Stone Barrington Novel." My gut reaction was, "Shit. It's part of a series, by an author I've never read before," so I tossed it into my pile of books to read later, figuring I'd probably never read it. I mean, what were the chances of this book, that I just happened to grab at a glance, being the FIRST book in a series? And, taking that into consideration, who wants to read a book that picks up in the middle of a series somewhere, when you're not familiar with the back-story or any of the characters? It sat in that pile of books in my living-room, untouched, for almost two months... until two days ago.
     Thursday (the 28th), after I got home from work and ate dinner, I signed on to check my email. Once that was done, I happened to think about that book and looked it up on Stuart Woods' website. Holy Shit!!! There are 36 Stone Barrington novels... and guess what??? "New York Dead" is -- amazingly -- the very first book in the series!!! I was inspired, immediately, to read it so I shut the computer off and dove right into the book...
     The book was fantastic. I couldn't put it down. Once I finished it, I had to have more. Knowing that there are currently 32 more titles out there, I went shopping!!! (I know I mentioned earlier in this post that there are 36 books in the series -- but the last three titles haven't been released yet. Book number 34, Naked Greed, won't come out until July 14th. Book number 35, Foreign Affairs, won't be released until October 27th. Book number 36 has a release date of January 5th, 2016.) I hit Penny's Book Shelf in Milford first. Then I went to Tattered Pages in Monroe. Since there are SO MANY books, I figured I'd save as much money as I could by hitting the Used Books stores first, LOL. Once I found everything I could, I then hit Barnes & Noble in Westport to fill in some of the titles I was still missing from my list. I now own all the titles up to, and including, book 28, Standup Guy. I'll have to hit the other Barnes & Nobles around here some other day for the remaining titles... but I've definitely got enough of them, for now, to keep me happy for a while, LOL!
     Once I lugged all those books up to my apartment, I put little numbered labels on them and stacked them all up in order. I gotta go now! I've got some serious reading to do!!! Seeya...

ENTRY # 429
DATE:  04/04/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  MediaWave is gone...

     Went to MediaWave today with a Jimmy Stewart list this time but their doors are closed. They finally went out of business. I have no idea when their last day actually was but they're just a memory now. :::sigh::: No more cheap DVDs for me, I guess. Oh well... it was fun while it lasted...

ENTRY # 428
DATE:  03/14/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Morgan Freeman movies...

     Oh. My. God. Morgan Freeman's complete filmography is insane. There is NO WAY I can possibly own all of it. I just don't have enough room to house it all. His filmography starts in 1964... but most of the stuff he did from '64 to '80 is either TV movies or uncredited roles. So, I decided to start my list from 1980 with Brubaker to present time. Yikes! That's still an amazing list. I then narrowed it down further by crossing off all the "short" films, the TV series stuff, all the documentaries and the voice over/narrator stuff, leaving only major motion pictures. From 1980 to 2015 that leaves 54 titles.
     Out of those 54, I already have four because they are included in other collections of mine. Two of them are Stephen King movies (Shawshank Redemption and Dreamcatcher), one of them is in my newly acquired Tom Hanks collection (Bonfire of the Vanities) and the fourth one is Red (which is currently filed under Miscellaneous). That leaves 50 films. Um... again... I'm running out of space for my DVDs, LOL. The "Completist" in me is saying, "I gotta have them all." The "Realist" in me is saying, "Where am I gonna put them?" I'm not really sure how I'm going to handle this situation, LOL.
     Well, problem solved. I brought my list to MediaWave this morning and made a complete sweep through the entire store, purchasing everything I could find. I came home with 28 movies. I now have 32 Morgan Freeman DVDs in my collection, leaving 22 from the original list of 54. Out of those 22 I've selected only four that I absolutely must own... Outbreak, Along Came a Spider, 10 Items or Less and 5 Flights Up. I can't decide if I want to add the Dolphin Tale movies to my "Must Have" list or not. If I happen to come across them somewhere and they're cheap enough, I might bring them home, I dunno....
     I have no idea how much longer MediaWave is going to be open. They still have a ton of inventory to get rid of... but, when I asked them when the new closing date was, they just sort've shrugged, like, "no idea," so we'll see....

ENTRY # 427
DATE:  02/28/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  Another Trip to MediaWave...

     WOOHOOOOO!!! I just got home from MediaWave (that video store in Fairfield that's going out of business) with a MAJOR pile of Tom Hanks DVDs. OMG!!! I can't believe how many I was able to find, LOL!!!
     Early this morning, while I was having my coffee, I went through all my DVDs and made a list of the Hanks movies I already had. It was a pretty sad list. I only had seven. Then, I got online and went to Tom Hanks' IMDb page and made a list of all the other movies he's made. Damn! There was a bunch of them, that's for sure. With list in hand, off I went to Fairfield...
     As I was parking my car in front of MediaWave I glanced up at their window and saw a huge, hand-painted sign they hung in the window proclaiming "50% Off." My first thought was, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, this is gonna be great!!!" Then I figured, "Yeah, right... with my luck I won't be able to find anything I want." LOL, that was definitely NOT the case!!! I found THIRTY TWO Tom Hanks movies, ROFL!!! And guess what.... I bought every single one of them!!! And it only cost me 85 bucks!!!!!!! It was amazing!!! Can you imagine how much that would've cost me if I had purchased them all at Barnes & Noble?!?!? It would've been hundreds of dollars.
     There were only four movies on my list that they didn't have... Volunteers, Nothing in Common, Radio Flyer and Saving Mr. Banks. From MediaWave I went to FYE at the Milford Mall to see if I could find those but didn't have much luck. The only one they had was Saving Mr. Banks and, yes, I bought it, LOL. I now own FORTY Tom Hanks movies. I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue the hunt for Radio Flyer or not. He only has a cameo in that one but I definitely have to find Volunteers and Nothing in Common.

ENTRY # 426
DATE:  01/24/15 (Saturday)
SUBJECT:  This & That...

     2015. Already. Damn, 2014 went by really fast. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your family and friends. I did. Lots of good food, good conversation, good company, good drinks and good gifts! I had a great time with everyone... and got some really cool stuff for Christmas. Got some clothes, slippers and cash from my Mom, I got a TON of DVDs for my various collections (Stephen King, Tommy Lee Jones and Robin Williams), some books, a fabulous coat from Adrienne's Mom which was a HUGE surprise. The coat is really nice... it's from Denim & Company, it's all black and it's extremely warm. I absolutely love it!!! I got a collection of gift-cards (for Dunkin Dunuts, Barnes & Noble, Visa, and Mac n' Out)... and a ton of various "stocking stuffers" that are too numerous to list here. Oh, and I also got a thousand dollar bonus from my boss, LOL, which was a major shock. It's nice to know I'm appreciated at work, considering how I bust my ass every day for the guy.
     My birthday was equally cool. Got another pair of slippers from my Mom.... they're "Uncle Si" slippers from Duck Dynasty. They are a riot!!! They're warm and snuggly but, um, both my cats hate them. Rigby attacks my feet whenever I wear them and Sabrina is completely terrified of them. She flees the room whenever I walk towards her. Oh well.... they'll both just have to deal with it. My Mom also got me this really cool plastic container that holds thousands of photographs for my scrapbooking projects. I haven't organized my photos yet but I will soon when I have the time. And she also sent me a gift card for Applebee's which is cool. Adrienne and I like to eat there so I'm sure that gift card won't be in my wallet for long, LOL. Adrienne took me to Chip's for breakfast and also gave me an Alex & Ani bracelet with a little cat charm on it. I now have a total of seven bracelets in my A&A collection. I gotta say that getting them as a gift is a lot more fun then buying them for myself.
     I also spoiled myself during the holidays. I finally found Hart to Hart SEASON THREE on DVD. I stumbled across it at Barnes & Noble one night and grabbed it IMMEDIATELY. I've been waiting almost TEN YEARS for it to be released so I was thrilled when I found it. And, apparently, the remaining seasons will be released soon. Season four is supposed to be out sometime in February and then, I think, season five will be released a couple months after that. FINALLY!!! I will finally own all of them...
     And I also discovered a video store (about two months ago) in Fairfield called MediaWave. They're going out of business and they are selling all their inventory. I've made numerous trips to visit them with various lists of movies to hunt for and I've had fantastic luck! I don't even know how much money I've spent there but, I gotta tell ya, it's been a blast. So far I've managed to replace ALL of my Streisand VHS tapes. I now own all of her movies on DVD, finally. I've also made a huge dent in my Stephen King movie collection. The only King movies I need on DVD now are Needful Things (the director's uncut version) and the two Nightshift collections. Those are going to be hard to find, though, 'cause they're considered "collectibles" for some reason. My Robin Williams movie collection has grown considerably too. I now own SIXTY-EIGHT movies he's been in. There are still a couple I have to track down but, at this point, if I can't find them I really don't care. At this point I can say I probably own 95% of the work he's put out there (as far as films, that is). So, yeah, I kind'a spoiled myself for Christmas when I was supposed to be shopping for others, LOL.
     During my first trip to MediaWave they said they were planning to close their doors at the end of this month. However, I was there last week and they still had THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of DVDs to get rid of so I don't know if their closing date will be pushed back or not. I'd like to make, at least, one more trip there to see if I can find anything else but I have no idea what I want to look for. I've completely exhausted their inventory of Streisand, King, Williams and Tommy Lee Jones... and the only TV I need on DVD is brand new stuff that they never even ordered since they're closing down. I did buy seasons one and two of Flashpoint the last time I was there but that's all they had. I'll have to find the remaining seasons elsewhere. Considering most of the DVDs I've purchased from them have been three, six or eight bucks, I have to take advantage of their cheap-ass prices while there's still time remaining. Hmmm... I'm thinking Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman movies might be next...

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